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Current Ruleset

Immutable Rules

101: Players must follow all currently active rules.
102: A rule is active (except as excluded in 103) if it passes and has not
 been repealed or amended by another rule.
103: A rule is no longer active if it is completely overridden by another
 rule or repealed.
104: No rule shall be made to stop further amendments, additions, or deletions
 of the rules.
105: Five active players are required to make, vote upon, or pass proposals.
106: Inactive players automatically abstain on all proposals.
107: Voting threshold changes due to additional players or inactive players
 are considered instantly.
108: Immutable rules automatically override mutable rules unless an
 immutable rule specifies otherwise.
109: Whenever a mutable law conflicts with a mutable law, or an immutable
 law conflicts with an immutable law, the lowest ordinal shall take precedence
 unless otherwise dictated by the laws. If both defer to each other, then
 the number rule applies again.
110: All players are eligible to vote.
111: All immutable rules may be transmuted to mutable rules by unanimous
112: Mutable rules may be transmuted to immutable rules by unanimous consent.
113: To calculate the total number of active votes, tally up the number
 of votes possessed by active players minus the votes of abstaining players.
114: All new rules are mutable.
115: In the initial ruleset, rules 101-118 are immutable, and rules
 201-214 are mutable.
116: It takes unanimous consent from all other players to override the
 moderator on the formatting of the game's associated wiki pages.
117: Players must follow the formatting and updating guidelines specified in
 the rules and by the moderator.
118: Players must help update the game status by adding their name when they
 vote for or against a proposal and by marking when a proposal has been
 accepted or rejected. (Note that these refer to updating the wiki pages.)
320 321: Motions supersede mutable rules, but they do not supersede immutable rules.

Mutable Rules

201: All players are given one vote to vote Yea or Nea to proposals.
202: An inactive player is any player who has not posted for a total of
 72 hours. Amended by rule 307.
203: Unless otherwise specified, immutable rules must be transmuted before
 they are amended or repealed.
204: Unless otherwise specified, all mutable rules require an absolute
 majority of active votes to amend or repeal.
205: New proposals begin at 301 and ascend in number. They are numbered
 in accordance to the time they are proposed regardless of whether they pass
 or fail.
206: New rules require an absolute majority of active votes to pass. Amended by rule 314.
207: The game begins when there are at least five active players,
including the moderator.
208: There may be no more than five pending proposals at any given time.
 A pending proposal is a proposal that has not yet been marked as having
 passed or failed. 
209: Votes for proposals should be done using the vote tags and include
 "Yea" or "Nay" (and variants and any other options that are allowed in
 future rules) and include the proposal number.
210: It is the player's responsibility to number proposals correctly.
 Proposals with missing or incorrect numbers are automatically failed and
 are not added to the proposal history.
211: Players may VOTE: ABSTAIN # to abstain on a proposal. (Please use
vote tags or bold.)
212: To join, simply post /in.
213: All players start with 0 points. Amended by rule 341.
214: The first player to reach 100 points wins the game. Amended by rule 327.
301: Currency refers to any resource which may be freely traded between players without any cost. Should a law instate a new currency, it must have a name, and one initial way to earn it. If it is not stated, assume that all players start with 0 of the Currency.
302: The player who proposes a proposal that passes gains 1 point. This rule is retroactive at the time of enactment. Amended by rule 344.
304: If a proposal is edited while pending, all yea votes aside from that of the proposer are immediately removed.
305: A player automatically votes yea on any proposal that they propose for which yea is an option.
306: When a proposal has not been voted on for 72 hours in a row or the player who made the proposal becomes inactive, the proposal automatically fails. Amended by rule 342.
202 307: An inactive player is any player who hasn't posted for 72 hours in a row.
309: An inactive player can make themselves active again by posting in the thread.
310: Players may withdraw proposals they have made that they no longer support by bolding "Withdraw ###", where ### is the number of the proposal that the player wishes to withdraw. A withdrawn proposal automatically fails. If this proposal passes while Proposal 308 is still pending, that proposal shall automatically be withdrawn and fail.
312: If there is a disagreement about the application of a rule or an action that occurs, a player (hereby referred to the initiator) may request a more detailed explanation of the rules involved from the person who applied the rule or took the action (hereby referred to the executor). If the explanation does not satisfy the initiator, the initiator may appeal the decision to the group as a whole by posting in bold, "I request an executive review for [link to dispute]." (This process is called an "executive review".) Players besides the initiator and the executor may then vote (using vote tags) to agree with the initiator or agree with the executor. Whichever receives a simple majority of votes becomes the final verdict. Only one such executive review may be active at any time.
313: A player may vote "[Yea/Nay] with reservations" on any proposal made after this rule, which shall henceforth be known as a vote with reservations. A player who does so should, but is not required to, explain the reservations the player holds that prevent an unqualified vote. A vote with reservations is indistinct from a normal vote for the purposes of calculating the number of votes needed to pass a proposal.
206 314: Proposals require an absolute majority of active votes to pass, where active votes are defined as those held by active non-abstaining players. Proposals fail as soon as they can no longer pass.
316: There is hereby created a currency called Nomic dollars, whose symbol shall be N$. Upon passage of this proposal, every current player, regardless of activity, shall earn N$1,000. Every new player who joins after the passage of this proposal shall thereby earn N$1,000. Every day at 00:00 UTC, every active player shall earn N$100. How many Nomic dollars each player has shall be noted in the Player Statuses section of the wiki.
318: Players may make motions in addition to proposals. Unlike proposals, which are permanent in nature, all motions are temporary and must cease to be in effect after a certain time. A maximum time limit shall be prescribed in a future rule. Motions are proposed, voted upon, passed, and failed in a similar manner as proposals. Numbering shall begin at M001 and increase with each proposed motion.
319: There is hereby created an items shop, from which players may use Nomic dollars to buy items. Players may make motions to add items to the shop. Such motions must include a price for each item in Nomic dollars (although the same price can apply to multiple items) as well as a use effect for each item. Items so added for sale are removed therefrom when the motion adding them expires unless otherwise stated in the motion adding the item.
320: Motions supersede mutable rules, but they do not supersede immutable rules. Transmuted by rule 321.
322: A Conditional Vote is defined to be the following: If a player inserts the keywords "Conditional" before the Yea or Nay, and includes the condition within the line that contains the vote in bold, then the vote will a Conditional Vote. A Conditional Vote will only count when the bolded condition becomes true. If the bolded condition is impossible, the vote will be voided. While the bolded condition is possible but has not occurred yet, the player will not vote.
323: If a player breaks any rule, they cannot earn points for the next 24 hours. If the same player breaks any rule within this timeframe, add 24 more hours to the timeframe. In addition, that player loses 1 point. For each additional rule break by the same player within this timeframe, they lose X points, where X equals how many rules that player has broken. In addition, 24 hours will be added to their timeframe.
324: If an item is denoted as being Permanent, then it will stay inside of the Nomic Shop indefinitely unless some other effect removes it from the Nomic Shop. Furthermore, items what are meant to outlast their Motion but are not meant to stay forever can be added either as a Limited Supply, which would require how many of that item is stocked within the shop, or as Limited Time, which would require how much time that item is inside of the shop. Each time an item in Limited Supply is bought, the number representing how many of that item exist goes down by 1. If this would cause this number to go to 0, then the item shall be removed. If this would cause the number to go below 0, the transaction will not go through. After the amount of time a Limited Time item is allotted to stay inside of the shop, that item shall be removed.
325: Items can be bought from The Item Shop by posting in bold the following format, replacing [Amount] with the number of it item they want, and [ItemName] with the item to be purchased: Buy [Amount] [ItemName]
326: There is hereby added a fourth page to the Nomic: Wiki Edition article on the MafiaScum Wiki, which is hereby titled "Shops", and which shall contain all the shops currently in operation in the game. Each shop shall have its own section. Each shop's section shall list the items it currently has for sale, each item's current price in at least one currency accepted by the shop, and any other information relevant to each item's availability (e.g. the quantity remaining of Limited Supply items and the date and time of the removal of sale of Limited Time items).
214 327: The first player to reach 100 points wins the game unless there cease to be any remaining active players except for the moderator prior to that point, in which case the player with the most points wins the game. In the event of a tie, the first player to reach the winning total wins the game.
328: Mana exists in the 5 +1 colors from Magic: the Gathering. Each color is denoted as follows: White - W, Black - B, Blue - U, Green - G, Red - R, Colorless - C.
331: The Establishment of the Nomic Central Bank: An entity known as the Nomic Central Bank is hereby established upon the passage of this proposal. The bank shall receive its own subsection under the player statuses section of the wiki listing the current board of directors and the date of the next election as elaborated in future rules. The shop page shall list the currently active exchange rates.
332: The Election of the Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors: The Nomic Central Bank is managed by three elected officials known as the Nomic Central Board of Directors (or board of directors for short when the relevant context is the Nomic Central Bank) Every two weeks, a 2-day long election is held to determine who is on the board of directors. Elections officially begin at 12:01 AM UTC on the day of the election and end the day after at 11:59 PM UTC. Votes are cast by secret ballot (i.e.: pm) to the current head director of the board of directors and must list the player's three preferences for the board of directors in the order of preference. Players may not vote for themselves in any way, and any ballots received before the election starts or after the election ends will be considered invalid. The winner of the election is decided by employing a modified form of the Borda Count where a 1st preference counts as 5 votes, a 2nd preference counts as 3 votes, and a 3rd preference counts as 1 vote. All unlisted players receive 0 votes. Ties for the third spot are broken by the current head director with the restriction that the current head director may not choose themselves. Furthermore, the player amongst the three elected officials who receives the most votes shall become the new head director of the board of directors. If there is a tie, the current head director of the board of directors may choose the new head director of the board of directors with the restriction that they cannot choose themselves. The election results shall be posted by the current head director of the board of directors within 24 hours of the election ending. At this point, power transfers from the prior board of directors to the newly elected board of directors. For the first election, the moderator shall preside as the current head director of the board of directors, and the first election shall begin at 12:01 AM UTC on the day following the passage of this proposal. All election data should be archived in some format following the example of the archiving of the first election. All terms end at 11:59 PM UTC, and future elections begin at 12:01 AM UTC the day before the current term ends. The exact same set of people may not be elected to the board of directors three times in a row. If this occurs, then the fourth place winner shall take the spot of the third place winner.
333: The Empowerment of Players to Create and Manage Currencies: At any time, a player who has not yet made a currency may create a new currency by posting in bold, "I hereby establish the currency [Currency Name]. Its symbol is [Currency Symbol]. An initial [Positive Amount] shall be printed." The amount specified in the initial creation is the initial supply of the currency, and the creator shall be granted that amount of currency. All newly created currency hold no value until an exchange rate is established by the Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors (as described in future rules). A player may at any time post in bold, "Print [Positive Amount] [Currency Name/Symbol]," to print more of the currency. The board of directors must approve and decide upon a new exchange rate before the currency is actually printed. The board of directors may not reject a request to print money without going through the official sanctioning process (as described in future rules). A player may also post in bold "Destroy [Positive Amount] [Currency Name/Symbol]," to remove currency they created from circulation. To remove currency from circulation, the currency must be in the inventory of the creator and cannot bring the creator below 0 of that currency. A player may only establish and be the primary manager for a single currency; the old currency must exit circulation first and then be officially dissolved as described in later rules.
334: Decision Making in the Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors: All decisions made by the board of directors shall be done in a way agreed upon by the current board of directors. This decision in turn shall be decided by simple majority vote with the head director breaking any ties if need be. All decisions made by the board of directors should be archived, and for decisions requiring a vote, the archive shall indicate the position taken by each director on the decision.
335: The Powers Granted to the Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors: The following powers are hereby granted to the board of directors: 1) the power to determine exchange rates between various currencies 2) the power to dissolve currencies 3) the power to sanction players by imposing various restrictions on their currencies. The latter two powers shall be further described in future rules; however, if rules pertaining to those powers are not passed, then those powers are not granted. All exchange rates shall be officially posted in terms of Nomic dollars, and exchanges may be made both to and from Nomic dollars.
336: The Power to Dissolve Currencies: As established in Proposal 335, the Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors wields the power to dissolve currencies. They may do so simply by declaring in bold, "Currency [Currency Name] is hereby declared void," with the following restrictions: 1) the currency must be out of circulation; this means that only the original creator of the currency possesses any nonzero amount of the currency and 2) the original creator of the currency must approve of the dissolution of the currency.
338: The Power of the Nomic Central Bank to Sanction Players: The Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors may place economic sanctions on players for any reason provided the decision is documented as established in rule 334 and the entire board of directors agrees to the sanctions. These sanctions are limited to the following: (note that the target refers to the player being sanctioned) 1) preventing the target from creating more of their currency or limiting how much of the currency can be made, 2) preventing the target's currency from being traded or lent, 3) preventing the target from making currency exchanges of any kind, or 4) preventing the target's currency from being exchanged in any form. All sanctions are temporary and may last no longer than 72 hours (3 days). The board of directors shall choose both the length and the nature of the sanction as described above, and they are empowered to apply multiple sanctions to a single player as well to reapply a sanction immediately after a previous one expired. Note however that if the board of directors reapply a sanction, they must make the decision after the old one expires. In other words, the board of directors may not queue a new sanction to take hold immediately as the old one expires. Furthermore, further sanctions must be agreed upon and conducted in the same manner as the previous ones; bypassing the process in any way is prohibited.
339: Limitations on the Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors: The Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors do not transcend the rules of the game. They are subject to the same rules as everyone else (except as described in rules pertaining to the Nomic Central Bank Board of Directors), and furthermore, any and all of their decisions may be subjected to an executive review. Note that in the latter case, only the head director of the board of directors may be the subject of the executive review; that is, the head director shall be considered the "executor" for the purposes of an executive review and may not participate in the ensuing vote. In cases of egregious misuse of their power, a director may be removed from the board by a motion by the people. The slot shall remain vacant until the next election. If the head director is removed, the second place winner (as stipulated according to the rules in 332) shall become the new head director. If only one person is left on the board, a new election shall be held at the start of the next day according to the rules in 332. The moderator shall preside as the head director for such an election unless a different person is appointed to this position in a motion.
213 341: All players start with the larger of either 0 points, or X points, where X is the equal to the median of how many points each player has.
306 342: If the player who makes a proposal becomes inactive or if 72 hours have passed since the creation of the proposal, the proposal automatically fails.
343: The moderator will prod players by pm after 48 hours of not posting.
302 344: The player who proposes a proposal that passes gains N$25.
346: Any player may create and define keywords without the need for any proposal to pass. These keywords should be recorded somewhere on the wiki.
348: Every player starts the game with 25'000 Life. A player who runs out of life automatically loses the game.
349: If only one player is eligible to win the game, then that player automatically wins the game.
350: Weapons and armor may have additional effects. Additional effects detail what else the weapon/armor causes. All additional effects are superseded by both rules and motions.

Active Motions

Player Statuses

If someone has a better idea of how to format this, go ahead.

Nomic Dollars last updated: December 11 UTC.

  1. Ircher - 13 points, N$4'015, 2'790 KP (Creator), 10 kr, 1 Swamp, 25'000 Life
  2. StrangerCoug - 8 points, N$2'515, 624 KP, 2 Vote Coupons (StrangerCoug), 2 Victory Trophies, 25'000 Life (Inactive)
  3. Jake The Wolfie - 7 points, N$4'625, 53 KP, 1 Vote Coupon (Ircher), 5 Vote Coupons (Jake The Wolfie), 2 Wastes, 25'000 Life
  4. Aronis - 7 Points, N$1'300, 25'000 Life (Inactive)
  5. Deimos27 - 6 points, N$2'778, 990 kr (Creator), 545 KP, 2 Victory Trophies, 25'000 Life (Inactive)
  6. lendunistus - 3 points, N$4'600, 25'000 Life

Retired Players

  1. Charles510 - 0 points, N$1'100
  2. tris - 2 points, N$1'000

Nomic Central Bank

The current board of directors:

  1. StrangerCoug (Head Director)
  2. Ircher
  3. Jake The Wolfie

The next election will begin Wednesday, December 8, 2021 12:01 UTC.

Active Discussions

Pending Proposals

Use the following format (and please make sure to have the initial space on each line!):

Proposal ### (Post #) by Username: Text body.
Yea - User1 (#), User2 (#), ...
Nay - User3 (#), User4 (#), ...
Not Voting - User5

Also, once a proposal is accepted or rejected, it should be removed and added to the archive. If you don't have time to archive it, then simply mark it as accepted/rejected and leave it where it is. Please do not remove accepted/rejected proposals without archiving them.

Pending Motions

Use the same format as for proposals. The time limit should be part of the actual proposed motion. Please remember also that motions should be archived like proposals. (If you don't have time to archive them, just mark it as accepted/rejected and don't remove it.)



  1. Overview, Current Ruleset, and Player Statuses
  2. Change Log, Proposal History, and Event History
  3. Initial Ruleset
  4. Nomic Shop and Glossary