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Initial Ruleset

Immutable Rules

101: Players must follow all currently active rules.
102: A rule is active (except as excluded in 103) if it passes and has not
 been repealed or amended by another rule.
103: A rule is no longer active if it is completely overridden by another
 rule or repealed.
104: No rule shall be made to stop further amendments, additions, or deletions
 of the rules.
105: Five active players are required to make, vote upon, or pass proposals.
106: Inactive players automatically abstain on all proposals.
107: Voting threshold changes due to additional players or inactive players
 are considered instantly.
108: Immutable rules automatically override mutable rules unless an
 immutable rule specifies otherwise.
109: Whenever a mutable law conflicts with a mutable law, or an immutable
 law conflicts with an immutable law, the lowest ordinal shall take precedence
 unless otherwise dictated by the laws. If both defer to each other, then
 the number rule applies again.
110: All players are eligible to vote.
111: All immutable rules may be transmuted to mutable rules by unanimous
112: Mutable rules may be transmuted to immutable rules by unanimous consent.
113: To calculate the total number of active votes, tally up the number
 of votes possessed by active players minus the votes of abstaining players.
114: All new rules are mutable.
115: In the initial ruleset, rules 101-118 are immutable, and rules
 201-214 are mutable.
116: It takes unanimous consent from all other players to override the
 moderator on the formatting of the game's associated wiki pages.
117: Players must follow the formatting and updating guidelines specified in
 the rules and by the moderator.
118: Players must help update the game status by adding their name when they
 vote for or against a proposal and by marking when a proposal has been
 accepted or rejected. (Note that these refer to updating the wiki pages.)

Mutable Rules

201: All players are given one vote to vote Yea or Nea to proposals.
202: An inactive player is any player who has not posted for a total of
 72 hours.
203: Unless otherwise specified, immutable rules must be transmuted before
 they are amended or repealed.
204: Unless otherwise specified, all mutable rules require an absolute
 majority of active votes to amend or repeal.
205: New proposals begin at 301 and ascend in number. They are numbered
 in accordance to the time they are proposed regardless of whether they pass
 or fail.
206: New rules require an absolute majority of active votes to pass.
207: The game begins when there are at least five active players,
including the moderator.
208: There may be no more than five pending proposals at any given time.
 A pending proposal is a proposal that has not yet been marked as having
 passed or failed. 
209: Votes for proposals should be done using the vote tags and include
 "Yea" or "Nay" (and variants and any other options that are allowed in
 future rules) and include the proposal number.
210: It is the player's responsibility to number proposals correctly.
 Proposals with missing or incorrect numbers are automatically failed and
 are not added to the proposal history.
211: Players may VOTE: ABSTAIN # to abstain on a proposal. (Please use
vote tags or bold.)
212: To join, simply post /in.
213: All players start with 0 points.
214: The first player to reach 100 points wins the game.


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