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Telephone Pictionary: The Mandate of Heaven/Chain B

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Chain B: Magua's Chain

Magua - Phrase

Clearly, liches also keep their phylacteries clearly labeled and in a bright, open location

Bins - Picture

Teleia B1.jpg

JerryArr - Phrase

Wizard Jack Skellington is selling charms that look like various objects.

Jingle - Picture

Teleia B2.png

Marquis - Phrase

jack skellington, that party animal, is running the kissing booth this year

BipolarChemist - Picture

Teleia B3.png

The Bulge - Phrase

Jack Skellington hid under the suggestive modern art table in preparation for his best friend's surprise party.

Kaboose - Picture

Teleia B4.png

Jackel98 - Phrase

Geoff's surprise birthday party involved a cake on a purple table and his three best friends playing charades on the theatre of death.

Shanba - Picture

Teleia B5.png

petroleumjelly - Phrase

His loyalty began to shift from the emo drama club to the birthday cake.

Empking - Picture

Teleia B6.png

GuyInFreezer - Phrase

Sad opera with cake as main protagonist.

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