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Telephone Pictionary: The Mandate of Heaven

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Telephone Pictionary: The Mandate of Heaven is a game run by Ether in late February 2015 through early March. Surely its artists are serving the will of the gods, for the first chain made it to completion in under 72 hours!

What is Telephone Pictionary?

It's sort of like EPYC, but presumably with less poop-eating.

The Player List

The Chains

A. EspeciallyTheLies's Chain
B. Magua's Chain
C. GuyInFreezer's Chain
D. ChannelDelibird's Chain
E. Equinox's Chain
F. Empking's Chain
G. Shanba's Chain
H. Ether's Chain
I. JerryArr's Chain
J. Jackel98's Chain
K. Jingle's Chain
L. DrippingGoofball's Chain
M. BipolarChemist's Chain
N. Kaboose's Chain
O. The Bulge's Chain
P. Bins's Chain
Q. N's Chain
R. Marquis's Chain
S. petroleumjelly's Chain
T. PiggyGal15's Chain