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Team Asshat

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Team Asshat that is a group of players who are basically sick of people.

The current membership includes:

JDodge, Co-Founder

Flameaxe, Co-Founder

pickemgenius, awesome recruit

UltimaAvalon, awesome recruit

Panzerjager, awesome recruit

Former Members

Oman, Unawesome Recruit

Phate, social experiment gone awry



Sir Tornado 88 (10:14:20 AM): Team asshat sucks

Sir Tornado 88 (10:14:23 AM): They got me lynched today morning

Sir Tornado 88 (10:14:28 AM): For absolutely no reason at all

Ultima Avalon (10:14:31 AM): you were scum

Sir Tornado 88 (10:14:36 AM): Yes

Ultima Avalon (10:14:37 AM): thats a damn good reason

[12:15:06 AM] unclexyzzy: I'm having weierd issues with Gaim

[12:15:10 AM] unclexyzzy: Invite me to Scumchat

[12:15:16 AM] jdodge1019: My invites don't work

[12:15:19 AM] jdodge1019: And I don't like you

omanscum (8:02:34 PM): why is phate an asshat?

thesheamuffin (8:02:45 PM): phate is annoying

omanscum (8:02:48 PM): you know that he's a little bitch that wants to be you right

thesheamuffin (8:02:49 PM): but not intentionally so

jdodge1019 (8:02:50 PM): because i thought it would be an amazing social experiment

jdodge1019 (8:02:54 PM): yes i do

jdodge1019 (8:03:01 PM): i want a team suck-up

omanscum (8:03:15 PM): he's the cindy brady of the asshats

jdodge1019 (8:03:19 PM): no

jdodge1019 (8:03:22 PM): he's the cousin oliver

jdodge1019 (8:03:33 PM): like

jdodge1019 (8:03:35 PM): "who the fuck"

jdodge1019 (8:03:44 PM): UA can be Alice

C0mr4ad3 (6:29:26 PM): Game Begin!

Ultima Avalon (6:29:34 PM): Nuke JDodge

C0mr4ad3 (6:29:34 PM): The World is in Turmoil!

ArtherDent (6:29:35 PM): Ok, let's try and not be stupid

ArtherDent (6:29:38 PM): Damnit UA

jdodge1019 (6:29:41 PM): Nuke UA

Lrd Ranger Q (11:49:55 PM): I don't even know who Anix is and I hate him

Lrd Ranger Q (11:49:58 PM): Cause Jdodge says too

PokerFaceThe best answer is obviously "yes I do like pickemgenius" (ON GD)

While talking about it in SC

Noj Koor1584 (9:17:09 PM): i am more so not sure how i should respond to a true statement

PieIsGoodScum (10:03:55 PM): pickem can do anything he wants to

PieIsGoodScum (10:04:01 PM): including music, and also women

trojh (9:10:11 PM): *cowers in fear of peg*

jdodge1019 (01:00:55): this ipod is so amazingly awesome

Ultima Avalon (01:01:05): can I see it?

jdodge1019 (01:01:20): no

Ultima Avalon (01:01:27): I wont drop it, I promis

jdodge1019 (01:01:31): no

Ultima Avalon (01:01:37): god I hate you