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Sheeping (or Barning) is the act of following a popular wagon or popular player with no independent intent. The term "sheeping" comes from the notion of a mindless sheep following a shepherd; the term "barning" is derived from "barnacle".

Players who are frequently sheeped tend to be known as good scum hunters or thought very likely to be Town.

Players who frequently sheep tend to be players who acknowledge that their play is weak or that they have no independent idea of what to do.

Sheeping tends to lead to bandwagons. Players who consistently sheep tend to be seen as nuisances, difficult to read, and bad players simultaneously.


Despite its negative connotions, sheeping is often used as a resource to gain Tells. Typically, people intend to elicit or give Tells based on the manner that they do so. Its use is dependent on the Meta of the players involved.

Utilizing sheeping as town is done with the intention of giving a teammate an effective Doublevote, and should the wagon fall on Mafia, the scumteam may feel the need to respond to a threat on their own. Being cavalier with ones vote may itself be a towntell, as it demonstrates a willingness to eliminate anyone not proving themselves to be town.

As scum, sheeping is an effective tool to harm VCA, and may open opportunities that would otherwise not present themselves to them.