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A bandwagon (or just wagon) is a group of votes on a player. For example, if A, B, and C are all voting for D, then D's wagon is comprised of A, B, and C. While in the past the term implied that the number of votes is large or the voters have little or no independent reasoning, in the current vernacular the term makes no assumptions of the votes or voters. "Bandwagon" can also be used as a verb (e.g. "wagoning") to describe joining a bandwagon for its own sake.

The goal of a bandwagon is to either eliminate a player or force them to roleclaim via the pressure of the possibility of getting eliminated. Because players may react differently under pressure, some players consider bandwagons to be a vital part of "reading" players.

The "driver" of a bandwagon can be one of the following:

  • Someone who builds a case on the wagoned player that many people agree with and join the wagon for
  • Someone who encourages bandwagoning votes

These may not necessarily be the same people. Typically when assigning credit or blame to bandwagons, the latter is more visible as a "driver" than the former.

There are several theories as to where a scum player wants to be on a wagon to slide under the most notice. One popular one is that those who start and wagon and those who finish it (i.e. hammer) are the most visible, and so being in the middle is the "safest" spot. This is of course subject to WIFOM.

The term train is not unheard of to describe a wagon, particularly a fast one.