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Ponybash 2012

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Ponybash 2012 was a British-based travelling mini-meet that took place in April 2012, attended by:

  1. hitogoroshi
  2. Faraday
  3. Mina
  4. Cogito Ergo Sum
  5. Fenchurch
  6. Nexus
  7. ChannelDelibird

The meetup began in Bath; moved to Cardiff to stay at Fenchurch's house; then to Norwich to stay with Nexus and CDB; then to London and finally Ireland.

Activities included: sightseeing, castles, karaoke, fairground rides, musicals, sci-fi conventions, boardgames and mafia.

Due to the nomadic nature of the meetup (and limited crash-space and car-space) it wasn't possible to offer an open invitation for other Scummers to join. A rundown and photos from the meetup were posted in this thread