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Chat mafia

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Much faster-paced than Forum Mafia, games in chat may be played by as few as 3-5 players, and may run from start to finish in an hour or two, rather than days or weeks!

Not to be confused with Site Chat, which is a chat area within MafiaScum enabled by a user control panel setting.


Most people who talk about chat mafia mean the (now apparently defunct) AOL Instant Messenger chatroom scumchat. This is where impromptu mafia games are rarely played, but more often ScumChat is used as a place for Scummers to discuss anything and everything, including, but not limited to Mafia Theory, Reality Shows, sports, and League of Legends.

You can access scumchat via the link at the bottom of the Forums that reads "Click to join AIM Chat", or by copying aim:gochat?roomname=ScumChat&Exchange=5 into your browser's address bar (Firefox or Internet Explorer). AOL Instant Messenger or a similar client (Pidgin, Trillian) is required. (Note: Link does not appear to work any more)


Several IRC channels exist for playing Mafia; some have 'bots' moderating the game, others are run by live people:

  • #mafia XylBot supports everything ever - this is the most commonly used irc mafia channel, and is the channel most people refer to when they talk about mafia on IRC. Xyl posted a list of the roles used in this channel in this thread. Also known as xmafia.
  • #mafia MafiaBot and MafiaBot2 (MB supports cop/doc/lynchproof/bulletproof/rb/vig/bodyguard and kingmaker, MB2 supports those and also watcher/tracker/godfather)
  • #fluodome mafia open setup, very fast games (45s night, 30s day discussion, 30s day voting)
  • Very popular IRC game with wolves, a seer, a harlot, a gunner to shoot those nasty wolves, a guardian angel to protect users from being killed, and even a traitor - a villager who is actually a member of the wolf team. The traitor looks like a villager to all, but when all other wolves are gone, the traitor has some mighty, uh, how shall we say it, "hairy" changes...
  • #werewolf wolfbot
  • #werewolf Werebot 1 seer, 2 wolves, N townies bot has ugly colors
  • #mafia Siobhan noreveal setup at 6p+ w/detective who sees roles of dead players. Channel's website and the channel's wiki.
  • #xkcdmafia human moderated pyp games
  • #mafia MafBot / Bot modded, 3-21player game. 5 minutes - 2 hours depending on size. More interesting roles as the number of players increase / weird money based role leveling / RPG-ish mafia
  • #mafia MafBot seems like the same bot as rizon #mafia
  • efnet #wolf 1 seer, 2 wolves, N townies (they play LONG games for IRC, 3.5 hours)
  • #werewolf WereBot seems like a variant of coldfront Werebot (or vice versa)
  • #mafia Human moderated, Range of styles, themes, and roles. Longstanding community.
  • #mafia MafiaBot can randomly distribute roles, take votes, and can explain roles. Range of Styles, themes, and roles.