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Forum thread for the 2007 MoS-Faire, to be hosted by Mastermind of Sin on June 22-25, 2007 and located in Charleston, Illinois.



Friday, June 22nd

Finally arrived at home around 3 pm, set stuff up, Bluesoul arrived at 4 pm. It's 5:30 pm, and we finally got the webcam working! Yay! - MoS

DarkLight140 arrived near 6, so we'll probably have dinner soon! - MoS

Screw dinner, let's play Munchkin! Just found out that Coron and crew won't be here for about an hour, and Raj/Roland/InHim won't be here for 4 hours. - MoS

Yay, food! More games! - MoS

Coron, Locus Cosecant, and Commify have arrived, 7:30 pm. - MoS

We just finished a 2 1/2 hour game of Munchkin, won by Locus Cosecant! - MoS

rajrhcpfreak, ihHimshallibe, and rolandofthewhite have arrived! 10:00 pm. - MoS

People have basically split into a Risk Godstorm group and a Settlers group, so I'm on AIM or playing Guitar Hero or something. -bluesoul

Saturday, June 23rd

After 4 hours of gameplay, Roland emerges victorious from Risk: Godstorm, after decimating his opponents, MoS, Commify, DarkLight140, and Rajrhcpfreak. - MoS

Balderdash is freaking amazing. Everyone loves the analysand... - MoS

OMG it's day two, and we have awesome omelets and strawberry bread for breakfast! We played a huge game of Apples to Apples, finally ending after about an hour with MoS barely beating out InHim. - MoS

"Explain Or Refrain" is my new favorite Mafia phrase. -bluesoul

Yay, three hard-fought games of blokus ended in Raj, InHim, and MoS victories. - MoS

After 2 hours of Settlers of Catan (6 players), MoS coasts into his final turn with 21 resource cards, only needing 10 to get his last victory point. Another win for me! Time for more blokus! - MoS

Whoo, the chili turned out awesome (made by MoS), and we all had a great dinner! Now time for munchkin! - MoS

OMG, Talitha and Jediknight are here! They finally arrived at 9:30 pm, so it's time for fun! DarkLight140 just won the munchkin game, so it's time to start a mafia game! - MoS

After a long and grueling game of Setters (Cities and Knights), Bluesoul pulls ahead for a win, 1 point ahead of MoS. Jedi and Thrawn came in close behind. - MoS

People actually slept last night, by about 5 am. Breakfast is awesome, my dad is making French Toast! Yarr! - MoS

We played Trivial Pursuit, and the Raj/Jedi/Bluesoul/InHim team routed the Thrawn/MoS/Roland/Tally team. - MoS

Lunchtime! Sloppy Joes and watermelon are tasty. - MoS

Sunday, June 24th

Jediknight here: I'm sure that someone sometime will add to this. I took tally home with me earlier this afternoon to meet my wife and kids. We got back around 9:45pm. MoS was playing some video games with a couple of his friends from High School, Bluesoul was messing with chat. I had some fun with the webcam. FYI- Roland was not naked when tally woke him up this morning. But Tally was...wink wink

MoS-the poor boy. He laid down on one of the mattresses and covered his head with another mattress and went to sleep. Apparently he's had a rough weekend. So I'm sitting here watching Bluesoul play Katamari Danacy. Its a game where you roll around and make these huge balls from items on a map. He destroyed New York, Paris, and basically the world. Terrorist...LOL

We're getting ready to play Settlers I think (its 12:09am) Tally's gonna chat up with her family in a couple hours. MoS is talking in his sleep...what does "Raj don't touch me..." mean really? What did I miss the Friday night???

12:20pm- MoS woke up. There goes the neighborhood. :) I'm getting really slaphappy.

Pooky the Magical Bear is getting sad....things are almost done. This has been an amazing opportunity...all of you that didn't come really missed out. MoS's family has been very wonderful.

Monday, June 25th

2:38am- We just finished a game of Settlers. No knights or anything...just old school Settlers. MoS won. I think we might be calling it a night. Or maybe not...


Friday, June 22nd

Game 1: (Open) 2 mafia, 1 SK, 1 cop, 1 doc, 4 townies

  • D1: Raj eliminated (townie)
  • N1: Commify and Coron killed (townies)
  • D2: Bluesoul eliminated (Doc)
  • N3: DarkLight (SK) and Locus (Cop) killed
  • Thrawn (Townie) killed in Endgame
  • Mafia (Roland and InHim) wins.

Game 2: (Open) 2 mafia, 1 SK, 1 cop, 1 doc, 4 townies

  • D1: Thrawn (townie) eliminated
  • N1: MoS and InHim killed (townies)
  • D2: No Elimination
  • N2: Raj (SK) and Bluesoul (Mafia) killed
  • D3: No Elimination
  • N3: No Kill
  • D4: Locus (Mafia) killed
  • Town (Commify as cop, Roland as doc) wins.

Game 3: (Open) 3 mafia, 1 cop, 1 doc, 1 vig, 3 townies

  • D1: Coron (mafia) eliminated
  • N1: DarkLight140 (doc) and Bluesoul (townie) killed
  • D2: Locus (mafia) eliminated
  • N2: Raj (townie) and InHim (mafia) killed
  • Town (MoS as Vig, Commify as cop, Roland as townie) wins.

Saturday, June 23rd

Game 4 (4:30 am): C9

  • D1: Coron (townie) eliminated
  • N2: InHim (doc) killed
  • D2: MoS (cop) eliminated
  • Mafia (Commify and Roland) wins.

Game 5 (5 am): Semi-Open (2 mafia, 3 townies, Cop OR Doc)

  • D1: Coron (townie) eliminated
  • N1: Raj (doc) killed
  • Mafia (MoS and Commify) wins.

Game 6: Open (1 SK, 5 townies)

  • N1: InHim (townie) killed
  • D1: Coron (SK) quickeliminated in under 2 minutes.

Game 7: UPick

  • N1: DarkLight140 (an errant toenail - hated townie) killed
  • D1: InHim (Corn Cob Jelly - Fucktarded Mafia (inv. immune)) eliminated
  • N2: Roland (Analysand - Psychiatrist) killed
  • D2: Thrawn (Michael Vartan - Vig) eliminated
  • N3: Bluesoul (Samuel Jackson - Cop) killed
  • D3: Rajrhcpfreak (Blokus - RB) eliminated
  • Commify (Anne Frank - NK Immune) killed in endgame
  • Mafia (Inhim and Coron (Yoda - Fucktarded Mafia (NK immune)) wins.
  • Mod Note: Thrawn would turn into an SK after D2 or if he tried to kill Roland (he would fail the kill, too)

Game 8: C9 (bluesoul mod)

  • D1: Thrawn (townie) eliminated
  • N1: Raj (townie) killed
  • D2: Commify (mafia) eliminated
  • N2: Darklight140 (townie) killed
  • D2: Locus (Townie) eliminated
  • Mafia (MoS and Commify) wins.

Game 9: Open (2 mafia, 1 SK, 1 cop, 1 doc, 3 townies)

  • D1: MoS (townie) eliminated
  • N1: Roland (cop) and DarkLight (SK) killed
  • D2: Raj (Mafia) eliminated
  • N2: InHim (doc) killed
  • D3: Tally (Mafia) eliminated
  • Town wins.

Game 10: Open (2 mafia, 1 cop, 1 doc, 4 townies) - NO REVEAL

  • D1: No Elimination
  • N1: Bluesoul (townie) killed
  • D2: Roland (mafia) eliminated
  • N2: Jedi (townie) killed
  • D3: Thrawn (townie) eliminated
  • N3: DarkLight (townie) killed
  • D3: MoS (mafia) eliminated
  • Town (Tally (cop) and Raj (doc)) wins.

Game 11: UPick

(coming soon)

Sunday, June 24th

Game 12: Closed (2 mafia, 2 SK, 2 cop, 2 doc)

  • N1: Tally (cop) and Raj (mafia) killed
  • D1: MoS (mafia) eliminated
  • N2: No deaths
  • D2: Roland (SK) eliminated
  • N2: No deaths
  • D3: InHim (SK) eliminated

Town (Jedi (cop), Bluesoul and Thrawn (doc)) wins.


In order of arrival: