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bluesoul began playing mafia on January 29th, 2006 at 9:38pm, after reading about it on MTG Salvation.

Notable Quotes

"Given that a move like that would require intelligent scum, I'd say it's probably bluesoul." --Xyl, #mafia

"Mafia without bluesoul is like checkers without a board." --Feyd_Ruin, #mafia

"Mafia MVP: Clearly Bluesoul, you actually managed to get the town to think you were helpful, but instead were misleading them. The (false) claim was also genius." --loran16, Newbie Mafia 6, MTGS

"Okay, the problem with bluesoul is that he's so damned good in the endgame. He has an inhuman patience that consistently wins games as scum. As town, he's not likely to cave in and vote until he's worked every last detail out, making him more dangerous the longer you leave him alive."

Games Playing

GL (3 Wins, 4 Losses, 0 Ongoing)

MafiaCon! - Replaced Kaoru Dono D2 - Kaoru Dono, Town RB - Lynched D4 by two cultists and a scumbag - Loss

Mario Mafia - Replaced Iammars N1 - Mario, Insane Cop - NKd N3 - Win

Literary Mafia - Anthony Horowitz - NK'd Night 1. - Loss

Monopoly Mafia - Mod Abandoned

Teeth Mafia - Wisdom Tooth, Sr., Super-Cop - Win

Final Fantasy VII Mafia - Mod Abandoned

Far South Mafia - Mafia Death Faker - Win

Emoticon Mafia - Cop - NKd N2 - Loss

Chocolate Mafia - Strawberry, Cult Leader - NKd N1 - Loss

MTGSalvation (0 Wins, 2 Losses, 0 Ongoing)

Newbie Mafia 6 - Replaced JLo D1 - Danny Cheung, Vanilla Mafia - Lynched Day 3 as the only surviving scum - Loss

Douglas Adams Mafia - Wonko The Sane - 1-Shot Roleblocker - Killed in Endgame - Loss

Songs On My iPod Mafia - Abandoned

God Mafia - Replaced Out

Cartoon Mafia - Replaced Out

Magic Mafia - Replaced Out

MafiaScum (2 Win, 1 Loss, 1 Draw, 1 Ongoing)

Prince of Persia Mafia - Princess Farah, Mafia - Win

Double Dethy Mafia - Cop - NKd N1 - Draw

Goats Mafia - Steve, Role Name Investigator - Win

Urban Legends Mafia - Bill Gates, Mafia GF - Loss

Invitational 10 - Ongoing

WIFOM (0 Wins, 2 Losses, 0 Ongoing)

Star Wars Mafia - Admiral Daala, One-Way Mason - Loss

Micro Mafia #1 - Double Voter SK - Killed N1 - Loss