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Mini 644

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Mini 644 - Meerkat Manor Mafia
Forum: Coney Island
Moderator(s): Rishi
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Town


As the sun rises over the Kalahari, the Whiskers family has a busy day ahead. It will be rough foraging for millipedes and scorpions while the desert sun beats down on the defenseless meerkats. Even worse, the meerkats constantly have to be on the lookout for vicious predators as well as the evil Commandoes, a rival mob intent on taking over the burrow! But the Whiskers are strong and resilient. Stay alert.


Ectomancer Marie de Fabuleux???TownSurvived
The Bored Woodsman ace1217BombTownD1
ClockworkRuseNK Immune Day VigSoloistD1
Vi BogreDoctorTownN2
curiouskarmadog Styro???MafiaD5


Day 1

The sentries start issuing warning calls. A fearsome predator has been spotted in a nearby tree, eyeing the poor meerkats with a hungry eye. It is a goshawk, and any one of the meerkats would make a fine snack.

The goshawk attacks!

Poor Shakespeare is caught in its path. The rest of the meerkats scurry to bolt holes, but Shakespeare is not afraid! If he could survive an attack from a puff adder, then the goshawk is nothing to fear.

The goshawk swoops down, catching poor little Shakespeare in its talons. But Shakespeare is ferocious and he won’t go down without a fight! He bites and claws at the goshawk.

The goshawk has picked the wrong meerkat to snack on today. As Shakespeare fights the brave fight, the goshawk and Shakespeare both tumble to Earth, landing with a thud. The camera pans in on both their bodies, lying still in the Kalahari sands.

The Bored Woodsman, Shakespeare the Martyr, Whiskers, Eaten by Goshawk Day 1
ClockworkRuse, Goshawk, Predator, Killed by Shakespeare Day 1

It is still Day 1.

D1 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
MafiaMann 6 muffinhead, Bogre, StrangerCoug, Ectomancer, wolframnhart, MafiaMann
Bogre 1 Cass
not voting 3 Rhinox, curiouskarmadog, jonathantan86

Strong males usually don't get evicted from the family. Usually, their strength and experience are a valuable addition to any mob. But, sometimes the other males become wary of the individual. And, sometimes, as is the case with Zaphod, the Whiskers just don't have room for the meerkat that was the father of most of them.

The Kalahari is a cruel place. With no one to perform sentry duty while you are foraging and no one to groom you, a lone meerkat will often die.

MafiaMann, Zaphod, Whiskers, Evicted Day 1.

Night 1

Morning in the Kalahari is a busy time. First, the lookout appears to make sure the coast is clear from predators. Then, the dominant female comes out and issues lead calls to the other meerkats to signal that the coast is clear. Then all the meerkats pitch in to sweep sand away from the entrance of the burrow. If the meerkats don't do this every day, then the sand can close off the entrance to the burrow, leaving the poor meerkats trapped.

As the eight meerkats finish clearing the burrow, babysitters are assigned for the pups and everyone is off to forage for the day. Hopefully millipedes will be on the menu.

But, look! Another meerkat has appeared. Looks like someone has slept in. The Whiskers tribe remains strong at nine.

Day 2

D2 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
muffinhead 5 StrangerCoug, Rhinox, wolframnhart, Vi, curiouskarmadog
StrangerCoug 1 muffinhead
jonathantan86 1 Ectomancer
not voting 2 Cass, jonathantan86

A strange scent emanated from one meerkat. It smelled off. It seems like the meerkat disguised himself with the Whiskers scent, but eventually this scent wore off and revealed something much more sinister.

The attack was brutal and fast. The lone meerkat almost seemed resigned and barely tried to fight back. This may seem cruel, but things are rough in the Kalahari. Remember that we are dealing with wild animals.

muffinhead, Hannibal, Commando, Evicted Day 2

Night 2

he most devastating thing that a rival mob can do is attack the pups. The pups are the future of the family and their survival is a high priority for all meerkats. When the Commandos came in the night, they were hunting for the pups. Kinkajou might have died protecting them, but she will go down as a hero.

Vi, Kinkajou the Babysitter, Whiskers, Killed Night 2

Day 3

D3 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
wolframnhart 4 Cass, Rhinox, StrangerCoug, Ectomancer
StrangerCoug 1 curiouskarmadog
not voting 2 wolframnhart, jonathantan86

Wilson was notorious for having his way with Whiskers females. Wilson was a Commando at heart, but he was a bit of a casanova when resorting to baser instincts. It was just his luck that he was caught with one of the Whiskers females by the males of the tribe. Wilson tried to run, but justice was swift and brutal. None of the Whiskers females were about to give birth to pups fathered by the Commandos.

wolframnhart, Wilson the Lover, Commando, Evicted Day 3

Night 3

Sometimes being on sentry duty is a thankless job. The rest of your family gets to forage for food while you have to be content looking for rival meerkats and predators. You are the first person to spot danger, but as Mitch learned, this isn't always a good thing.

jonathantan86, Mitch the Lookout, Whiskers, Killed Night 3

Day 4

D4 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
StrangerCoug 3 curiouskarmadog, Rhinox, Cass
curiouskarmadog 1 StrangerCoug
not voting 1 Ectomancer

Mozart had always been one of the more caring meerkats on the manor. She used to help her siblings, and always was loyal to the Whiskers. When she was evicted, she had a hard time trying to find a place in the world. No one is quite sure what happened to her, her body was found just lying in the sand.

StrangerCoug, Mozart, Whiskers, Evicted Day 4

Night 4

Rocket Dog tried to be a brave and strong leader. She was constantly dealing with problems though, not only Commandos and predators, but subordinate females getting pregnant, splinter groups and food shortages. But, she always knew the family came first. The Whiskers will carry on, with or without her.

Cass, Rocket Dog, Whiskers, Killed Night 4

Day 5

D5 Final Vote Count
Votee Count Voters
curiouskarmadog 2 Rhinox, curiouskarmadog
not voting 1 Ectomancer

It was early in the morning in the Kalihari and only three meerkats remained. Nikita could not hide any more among the Whiskers. Besides, was a tribe that was so decimated worth taking over? Nikita emerged from the Whiskers burrow. When it was clear that she was no longer wanted, she voluntarily left.

curiouskarmadog, Nikita, Commando, Evicted Day 5

Flower and Axel were alone. Still, the Whiskers are a strong tribe, and with a couple of roving males, they would rise to dominance once again. At least, for now, they remain safe from predators for now.