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Ongoing games

Mafia 74 Minimally Flavored Mafia - ???
Newbie 602 Still alive
Space Monkey Mafia 2: Pigs in Space! Killed by Space Gorillas Day 2
Newbie 614 Still alive
Open 78 Friends and Enemies and Enemies - Still alive
Mini 610 Ace Attorney Mafia - Still alive

Modded games

Mini 515 The Pine Barrens
Result: Mafia wins Night 3.
Notes: A very well-played game by the Mafia. They were able to take a little bit of town drama and turn it into a rout.

Mini 543 Election Day
Result: Mafia wins Day 5
Notes: An interesting experiment where votes were cast simultaneously. It was fun to try out once, but the lack of voting kind of killed the discussion.
Open 73 Assassin in the Palace
Result: Assassin wins Day 7.
Notes: A minor modding issue popped up in this game, though I think credit still needs to be given to the assassin. Still, it was enough that the players asked for a reset.
Open 73.5 Assassin in the Palace Reset
Result: ???
Notes: A reset of Open 73 with reshuffled roles, but mostly the same players.
Newbie 639 Witness Protection Program
Result: ???
Notes: ???

Record in Completed Games

As Town (Wins-Losses): 8-10
As Mafia (Wins-Losses): 0-0
Other (Wins-Losses): 0-0

Completed Games

Mini 462 Just another game of Mafia...
Role: Mason with Jenter Brolincani
Result: Killed Night 1 by Mafia. Mafia wins Day 4.
Notes: Replaced rolandofthewhite
This was a strange setup which you can read here. At first we thought the game was broken in favor of the town, but it turns out the opposite was true. Very confusing for one of my first games.

Open 29 C9+2
Mod: Mert
Role: Townie
Result: Killed in endgame Day Four. Mafia wins.
Notes: A horribly played game by the town. In the game, the cop had an innocent result on the townie who was lynched on Day 2. Not only did the cop say nothing, but he participated in the lynch. We had a chance, but I picked wrong in the endgame.

Mini 478 Simenon's Too Much Scum
Mod: Simenon
Role: Townie
Result: Killed in endgame Day Four. Serial Killer wins.
Notes: The deadlines in this game were quick, which didn't give a lot of time to probe. On the last day, I had to make a relatively quick decision and chose poorly. Second endgame where I chose wrong.

Mini 467 Trouble in paradise
Mod: DragonsofSummer
Role: Townie
Result: Killed Night 1 by Mafia and Serial Killer. Town wins Day 5.
Notes: My first victory! I didn't really do anything in this game. My major contribution is that, on Day 1, I made myself a target for both the Mafia and the Serial Killer.

Mini 489 Short and Sweet Mafia
Mod: ibaesha
Role: Knight (Vigilante)
Result: Killed Night 3 by Bandits. Successfully killed last bandit same night. Town wins.
Notes: This is probably the first game where I won and made a significant contribution. The game started in night, and I didn't use my Knight ability. On Day 2, we lynched a Bandit and I successfully hit a second Bandit the same night. On Day 3, I revealed myself as the Knight. We did lynch a Commoner on Day 3, but, under the direction of the village, I killed the last Bandit on Night 3, ending the game, even though I was killed the same night.

Newbie 433 Death of the Townsperson
Mod: Mr. Flay
Role: Cop
Result: Survived. Town wins Day 3.
Notes: A fun game. We lynched the Doctor Day 1 and I thought we were sunk. The Mafia kind of forced me to claim (not sure if it was good play on my part - you can read the game and decide for yourself) on Day 2, but it allowed the town to band together and root out the scum.

Newbie 389
Mod: spectrumvoid / Mr. Flay
Role: Doctor
Result: Lynched Day 5. Mafia wins.
Notes: Replaced fak
Crazy game which took over six months! I successfully protected on Night 1. Halfway through Day 2, I decided to claim which led to a fake Mafia counter-claim. The problem was that I was playing somewhat scummy in order to avoid being targeted by the Mafia as the Doctor. After several days of voting No Lynch (and me protecting the Mafia target), the fake doctor bussed his partner and won the game for scum. This was a my first newbie game. I qualified as an IC before I ever finished this game.

Open 32 Pick Your Poison Mafia
Mod: yellowbounder / Thesp
Role: Townie
Result: Survived until end. Town wins Day 4.
Notes: A very well played game by the town, with a ton of replacements. After we lynched a townie on Day 1, the mod disappeared during Night 1 which put the game on hiatus for over a month. The town came back fighting, lynching the three Mafia in three days.

Mini 512 Mafia sans vanille
Mod: Sir Tornado
Role: Doctor
Result: Killed Night 1 by Mafia. Mafia wins Day 3.
Notes: When we realized there were no vanilla townies in the setup, we massclaimed on Day 1. We got scum on Day 1, but since I was the doctor, I was the first to go. Had to sit back and watch us lose.

Newbie 509
Mod: JDodge
Role: Townie
Result: Killed in endgame Day 2. Mafia wins.
Notes: After an insanely quick lynch on Day 1, I got into a fight with another townie, which let the scum slip through.

Open 44 Twofold Mafia
Mod: somestrangeflea
Role: Townie
Result: Killed Night 3 by Mafia. Mafia A wins Day 4.
Notes: This was a heartbreaking loss. There were two Mafia groups, who could not manage a cross-kill, so townies were getting killed left and right. We had a chance in the endgame, but it didn't happen.

Mini 510 a minimal game of mafia
Mod: Adel
Role: Mason with mneme
Result: Killed Night 5 by Mafia. Mafia wins Day 6.
Notes: Replaced Frostypants
A vanilla setup where none of us realized it until halfway through. Two nurses and two mason groups which were not confirmed made this a tricky setup to navigate. The Mafia pulled it out in the endgame.

Newbie 537 Murder in Yeesavin
Mod: Mr. Flay
Role: Cop
Result: Survived. Town wins Day 3.
Notes: I'm kind of glad we won, but it was an empty victory. This was the worst played game of Mafia I have ever been a part of. Read it. It's short (about four pages).

Newbie 503
Mod: Thestatusquo
Role: Townie
Result: Killed in endgame Day 3. Mafia wins.
Notes: The cop cleared me on Day 2, which led me to being the confirmed innocent in the endgame. I picked wrong again. A very well played game by the Mafia, though.

Mini 508 Trouble in New Catania
Mod: The Fonz
Role: Townie
Result: Killed Night 3. Town wins Day 7.
Notes: This game got off to a slow start. Unfortunately, I was killed by the time the game got meaty.

Open 36 Picking Simplicity
Mod: mneme
Role: Townie
Result: Lynched Day 1. Town wins Day 10.
Notes: This game got off to a very slow start. I intentionally allowed myself to be lynched on Day 1 to get the game moving.

Mini 540 Nightmare Mafia
Mod: mikeburnfire
Role: Catcher Mason with roffman
Result: Killed Night 2 by Mafia. Mafia wins Night 5.
Notes: Replaced rolandofthewhite
There was a lot going on behind the scenes here, which the players didn't see. Both me and my partner were about to get lynched on Day 1, so I claimed to save both of us. A questionable move, but it forced the Mafia to kill us off.

Newbie 584
Mod: MeMe
Role: Townie
Result: Killed Night 1 by Mafia. Town wins Day 4.
Notes: The doctor was dropping scumtells left and right. When me and another IC wanted to lynch him, some of the town turned against us. The doctor was lynched Day 2. Fortunately, the newbie townies were able to pull out a victory in two straight lynch-or-lose situations.