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LicketyQuickety/Open Games

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MafiaScum Open Games Only
Up to date through 3/28/2017 Total Town Mafia Third Party
Record 4/7 2/5 2/2 N/A
Percentage 57.14% 40% 100% N/A
Completed Open Games
Game Role Win/Loss Date Started Dead
Open 643: Kill All Townies! Vanilla Townie Loss 06/16/2016 N3
Open 645: C9++ - Game Over Vanilla Townie Loss 06/15/2016 D3
Open 659- Jungle Republic Goon Win 12/15/2016 Endgame! (Sub N2)
Open 660 - White Flag Goon Win 11/11/2016 D2
Open 661: Pick Your Poison Vanilla Townie Win 12/07/2016 N3
Open 677: See Nayne Ples Ples Vanilla Townie Win 02/25/2017 N1
Open 720: Noir Vanilla Townie Loss 04/10/2018 N6