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Mafia Games Only Off Site
Up to date through 05/16/2018 Total Town Mafia Third Party
Record 41/79 29/59 9/15 3/5
Percentage 51.9% 49.15% 60% 60%
Note: I have removed some games either because I had only had 1 post or the game was not really a mafia game
Off Site Games
Game Win/Loss/Faction Dead
PerC - Hellomynameiscrazy/QuickTwist/Quick
Mafia Newbie XXX: Hot Fuzz Win Mod Killed D2
Mafia LXII : Cthulhu Mythos - The Nameless City Win Mod Killed D4
Mafia Newbie XXXI: Mushroom Madness Loss D1
Mafia Mini XXXVII: This is the End Loss D3
Mafia LXIV - Twin Peaks Win N2
Mafia Newbie XXXV: Variety Mafia:K-Celeb Loss N3
Mafia Mini XLI: Rocky Horror Picture Show Loss D1
Mafia Newbie XXXVI: The Haunting of Ariana Grande Win N1
Mafia LXVIII: DragonCon Win Taken out of game
Mafia LXIX: Die For Me Loss D4
Mafia Open I: Rockafeller Shank Win D1
Mafia Open #8: Orphan Black Win Endgame!
Mafia Open #9: The Murder of Justin Bieber Win N1
Mafia Mini Open #10: The Adventures of Jessica Simpson Win Endgame!
Mafia Academy II - Game Thread Win Endgame!
Mafia XCIV: Assault on Midway Win Endgame!
Mafia Mini LVIII: Not PerCafe Loss D3
Mafia XCVII - President of Perc Loss D1
Mafia XCVIII PerC Fun House Win N3
M*A*S*H open mini Loss N3
Mafia: The Good, the Bad, and the Scummy Win D3
Catch 'em All Win Endgame!
Lol!Brits Loss N3
Mafia: El Hotel de los Secretos Loss D3
BYOM!!! Win D1
RuPaul's Drag Race Mafia Win D1
Gray NiTe's School of Rock Mafia Win N4
Mafia Universe: Quick
Jessica Jones Win N2
All the Lights Win N1
Rotten Tomatoes Win Endgame!
Doctor Who Mafia Loss N5 (Sub D5)
The Ecstasy of Gold Win D1
March Light Game Loss N1
March Mini Closed Game Win Endgame!
April Light Game Win N1
April Large Game Loss N1
Fruits and Vegetables Loss N4
Leverage Copless Loss N5
March Light Loss N1
March Mini Closed Game Win Endgame!
April Light Game Win N1
April large game Loss N1
Bloodsuckers: Masons 13er Light Loss N1
Anonymous Matrix12 Win D1
Beer Flu Mafia Loss N3
Beat/13 Light Game: Crypt of the Necrodancer Win Endgame!
Independence Day Mafia Loss Endgame!
Thirteen Decades of Bops and Flops - a D6 Game Loss D4
The Raven: A Light Game! Loss N7
Clue(do) Mafia Loss D2
Band Mafia: Syn Edition Loss N4
Social Media Mafia Loss Endgame!
E N H A N C E D D6 Mafia Win D1
Masonry‏‏‎ ‎is‏‏‎ ‎a‏‏‎ ‎Passion‏‏‎ ‎of‏‏‎ ‎Mine Win D1
StarCraft 2 Mafia - Quick
S-FM 197: Sandbox Loss N2
S-FM 199: Illuminati 3.0 Win D1
S-FM 200: Mafia Wars II Win Endgame!
S-FM 201 Order Of Nature Loss D3
S-FM Spirits Win N3
S-FM 223: Cult of Zed Win Endgame!
M-FM XXV: Game of Thrones Win Endgame!
M-FM XXVI: Overwatch Loss Day
M-FM Fringe Loss Day
MafiaManiac - QuickTwist
The Most Elite Pigeons Loss N3
TL Mafia - Quick
Newbie Mafia-xxi Win D1
Presidential Election Mini Mafia Win N1
POG - JkYouLose
Board Game Mish Mash Win Night
10/19 - 17er Popcorn Slow Loss Day
Sugoi Desu - Quick
Big Trouble in Little Salem Loss Endgame!
Elsword Mafia Game Loss N4
Ultimate Mafia
Game 1 Win ???
Game 2 Loss Day Quick
Mafia Game #80 - "Popcorn Mafia 2" Win D1
Mafia Game #81 - Chosen Mafia Loss D2
INTPcomplex: QuickTwist
Mafia 6 Loss D2
TrustandDeceive - quick
Dem Tryouts, 6th Ed. Loss D1