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Large Normal

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An administrative category for the purposes of moderator waiting lists, a Large Normal is defined as a non-themed game which has 14 or more players, but is not classified as an Open Game.

Large Normal games are played in the New York forum. The Normal queue is currently moderated by implosion.


Any player may sign up for a Large Normal game. There is a centralized waiting list for both moderators and players. To join a Large Normal game, players should post in the Normal queue, specifying which game or games they are joining (as there may be multiple games taking signups at any given time). When the game is full, the players will be contacted by the game's moderator.


In order to sign up to moderate a Large Normal, a moderator must have successfully run one game (an Open Game or Mini Normal) to completion.

  • Moderators with experience on other sites may request that their body of work elsewhere count as their one game of experience (PM mith); if approved, such moderators must still have been active on the site for at least three months and completed at least one Mafia game as a player.

To join the waiting list, moderators should post in the Normal queue ("/in to mod a large", for example). Moderators must also PM the List Mod their setup to ensure that the setup meets the requirements for a Large and Normal game.

First time Large mods are limited to a maximum of 21 players.

A maximum of one Large Normal game will take signups at a time. When a Large Normal game is ready to take signups, it will be announced in the queue. Once the game is full, the List Mod will give the moderator permission to start a game thread in the New York forum.

Moderators must also appoint a qualified backup mod before signups begin.

  • The role of the backup mod is to be ready to take over (with or without notice) when the mod is away/disappears/is eaten by tigers.
  • The backup mod should be qualified to mod a Large Normal Game.
  • The backup mod should have the full setup at game start, and be provided with summaries of Night actions/any game-relevant events.
  • The name of the backup mod should be placed in the first post of the game thread.