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The tigers are the largest members of the Felidae family. They are natives to Asia's mainland, although they have been sighted living freely in Singapore, the Netherlands and Georgia.

The tigers' diet has traditionally consisted of large herbivores and humans. In January 2007, MafiaScum caught wind of the tigers' efforts at bigger game--bigger game such as, oh, the MafiaScum forums. As of October 2007, the forums have yet to be devoured.

Current evidence suggests that MafiaScum is less in danger of being eaten by tigers and more in danger of being conquered by them, and may in fact be entirely undigestable. Tigers did conquer the forums for a day in April 2007. They put psychedelic drugs into the forum's drinking water, throwing hapless humans into an orange haze and negating their ability to recognize avatars. Some confessed their alts or true genders.

Luckily, the human 'Scummers regained their senses the next day and retook the forum from the tigers' leaders (such as the cunning Felinus Maximus and Montecore, the token white). But seriously, be more vigilant next time.

The Tigers Awaken

On the 1st of April 2016 the tigers struck MafiaScum once more, albeit in a rather pathetic manner. They started prowling the wiki and with the absence of its current guardians wgeurts and KittyMo it soon fell into their paws. When the guardians of the wiki saw what the cunning felines had done they were infuriated by their own lack of vigilance, they should have seen this coming. How dare those blasted mammals take what was rightfully theirs under their reign. They started to fight back, and after a bloody and tragic fight they managed to drive the tigers back to wherever they came from. Likely the Netherlands or somewhere. This war isn't over yet.

Constant vigilance.


Tiger's struck once more during the May of 2016, just a short month after their last attack which is now speculated to possibly have been a scouting mission to test MafiaScum's vigilance. Alas, it once more was not enough. The site went down for all of four days, and the administration team had to drive the tigers back in yet another brutal battle. The population of MafiaScum were left homeless, some managing to discover an abandoned shelter set up long ago for tragedies such as this. Those that couldn't locate the shelter were left to themselves, to fend off the dangers of the wild. Thankfully the admins eventually reclaimed what was rightfully there's, and the peoples of MafiaScum were once more reunited. A celebration was held, organised and managed by Kison. We cannot let this happen again, constant vigilance!

Notable Tigers