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Jaack is the player who's wiki you have read most recently.

Record as Town 7-2

Record as Scum 0-2

Record as Third Party 1-0

Newbie 1630
Moderator Role Fate Result
Micc Vanilla Town Killed Night 1 Town Win Day 3
My first game. My first serious vote was on scum, but I didn't really pursue it, so whatever. Both scum (along with two townies) were mostly MIA D1, so the rest of the town squabbled among itself until poor Trivium, the Town Doctor, showed up, and we power lynched him. Got Killed Night 1 because scum thought I was a PR. Both scum pretty muched flailed the rest of the game, so I won without really contributing. Not all that exciting.
Newbie 1646
Moderator Role Fate Result
Zar Town Doctor Killed Night 2 Town Win Day 4
While the end result was the same, this game was far more interesting than its predecessor, and I played far better. Once again I I made a serious vote on scum on the first page, and probably could have pushed a lynch through but I got distracted with other, dumber wagons. After a mislynch, I made a successful doctor save N1 on fugitive, who turned out to be the Town Cop. Led another mislynch D2 and got myself nightkilled again, probably because I made it quite obvious who I had saved the previous night. Despite all that, town was in excellent position D3 because the Cop had a guilty and an innocent clearing the way to a relatively clean mylo. Overall, my reads were iffy, but not awful, but I obvtowned pretty hard and made a clincher of a N1 save, so pretty good.
Mini 1787: Peruvian Nightclub Mafia
Moderator Role Fate Result
Zulfy Vanilla Town Lynched Day 5 Town Win Day 6
Oh boy. About half way through D1 I had scum reads on two of the three scum, and we were working towards lynching one of them. Then someone claimed Macho Townie in the most awful way possible (claiming weak townie accidentally) which sent me off track and I didn't get back on track until half way through Day 4, by which point my wrongness had dropped me into the preferred lynch pool. Luckily, it was probably for the better as D6 lylo was very fun to watch. Kudos in particular to the lat three alive, Tyler the Creator, bins, and toolenduso, who all played quite well, unlike me.
Newbie 1726
Moderator Role Fate Result
Zaicon Mafia Roleblocker Lynched Day 3 Town Win Day 4
First game as scum. Day one was mostly a lurkfest, but for most of the first two days I played pretty well, with my only mistake being not voting for one of the two wagons Day 1. My partner, Foxbird and I made it Mylo D3 with one of the PRs dead and I was feeling pretty confident, but I failed to really move mountains or do anything relevant the whole day and ended up getting lynched as a sort of path of no resistence. I don't think I did particularly bad, but town definitely played better in the endgame.
Mini Normal 1832
Moderator Role Fate Result
xyzzy Town Watcher Killed Night 2 Mafia Win Day 5
I spent most of day one chasing after town players, but town decided on a different mislynch I thought was stupid. I correctly guessed the nightkill and got a guilty, which led to my own night kill. In general, I think I played a pretty solid game. However, after my death, town had three lynches and two PRs to catch the last scum, iraonavp but wasted it away with quick lynches, fake guilties, and other such things. On the one hand, I do have to give credit to iraonavp for getting universally townread, but on the other hand, town ate itself alive.
Micro 649: Normal Idea Mafia
Moderator Role Fate Result
Something_Smart Town Bodyguard Killed Night 1 Town Win D5
My participation in this game was... minimal. There was an RVS lynch halfway through page three and I got nightkilled immediately following that. My target was on the slot that subsequentally was the target of 3 more nightkill attempts, so I guess that's kind of a thing.
Micro 651: Worst (Role) Idea(s) Mafia 2
Moderator Role Fate Result
Davsto Town Person Who Cares More About Their Meta Than Winning Survived Town Win D2
My role required me to play 'like scum.' I think I did a bang-up job, and as a result, got universally townread. That being said, scum didn't really have a chance. Only one townie was ever in danger of being lynched, one of the scum was pre-ordained to die, both third parties claimed D1, and town had a nk. Scum ended up accidentally suiciding at the end of D2, but it probably wouldn't have mattered. Game was fun as hell though, and if you're looking for a quick read, this is probably the one to do.
Mini Normal 1843
Moderator Role Fate Result
mhsmith0 Vanilla Town Killed Night 5 Mafia Win D6
I was relatively inactive for most of D1, which got me onto the lynch shortlist, but I successfully battled myself off of it. Lynched scum number 1 (sotty7) through a tracker claim D2 and pushed scum number 2 (CloudKicker) to the brink of lynch D3 before he wriggled his way out of it with a bodyguard claim. After that I was widely townread, but pretty aimless as I didn't really have any great scumleans after that. Got nkilled over the claimed bodyguard going into lylo, but the remaining town failed to lynch him.

Overall, I'm decently happy with my play here. My reads for the first few days were pretty spot on and the weakness of my later reads was in part due to mistakenly clearing scum. I should have pushed harder for that lynch, but I gotta give kudos where kudos are due. Fun game overall as well.

Mini 1852: THe Most Bastard Game Ever
Moderator Role Fate Result
vonflare Town Doctor who thought he was a Compulsive Vig and got Jesterized N1 anyway Lynched D4 Jester Win D4/Werewolf Win D6
Not much interesting happened D1. I got jesterized N1, so I just started faking guilties on anyone who I thought had enough sway to get me lynched. Finally worked D4 which was nice. Whatever. I guess this counts as a third party win.
Micro 661: Scumteam UnPick
Moderator Role Fate Result
Creature Vanilla Town Killed Night 3 Town Win D4
I got widely townread early in this game mostly for being helpful in working through the setup and being relatively active, which probably weren't the best reasons, but I'm not complaining. I tunnelled in on town D1 and got them lynched. Then I lynched scum D2, initially on the basis of an erroneous connections, but the lynch confirmed me as town so that was nice. Tunnelled in on more town on D3 and got myself shot. Luckily my hard townread on the last scum was not given much creedence D4 and town pulled out a win in 50/50 lylo.

On the one hand, I'm happy with my townplay in this game. I got universally townread pretty early on and managed to push through every lynch I wanted. On the other hand, my reads here were subpar. One scum I hard townread, and the other I only started scumreading because he looked like my other scumread's partner (although I did figure this out later). Solid B game I'd say.

Large Normal 201
Moderator Role Fate Result
inspectorscout White Mafia 1-shot Bulletproof Lynched Day 3 Black Mafia Win Day 6
The largest game I've been into up until this point and also the spammiest (the latter of which will likely never be broken). First two wagons of D1 were on town PRs, and then I started to get rung up basically for not being spammy (although my D1 here wasn't particularly good). Claimed 2-shot Vig in hopes of drawing the real vig shot that night, but it didn't happen. I was widely considered confirmed town D2 which was nice, but one of my partners Transcend got lynched and my other partner fro99er got shot the subsequent night. Got cc'd D3 by JaeReed who had some pretty convincing crumbs from his predecessor and got lynched.

Not super happy with my play here, but it was pretty cool that the real vig was 2-shot. Ok, not really cool at all but kinda funny I guess.

Mini Normal 1874
Moderator Role Fate Result
Leonshade Vanilla Town (Replaced ssbm_Kyouko D2) Survived Town Win Night 3
Tried my hand at replacing for a change and because I had no active games at the moment. Upon my replacement, I recognized that one player was essentially confirmed scum and I correctly worked out both of their partners, although I was under the assumption they were on seperate teams. After a successful lynch D2, I spent most of D3 arguing for the lynch of JupiterCrush who was a town JOAT (although the claim was partially faked - player claimed that their last remaining shot was a BP when it was acutally a vig shot) over Fykus, scum who had claimed Jailkeeper D1. Luckily for town, everyone else lynched Fykus and Jupiter shot the last scum that night.

All in all, my reads in this game were pretty good I'd say. The only town player I spent a signficant amount of time scumreadding did have a partially faked claim which was throwing me for a loop, and I think my case were pretty good if wrong. A solid B game for me I'd say.