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Grand Idea Mafia

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  • Grand Idea Mafia
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Notes: Designed by input from anybody, top three contributors listed.

Grand Idea Mafia is a semi-open setup, based on Great Idea Mafia, Greater Idea Mafia and Greatest Idea Mafia, designed with more player-input, randomness, and adding a much larger Upick-esque role creation ability.

To begin the setup, the moderator uses a random number generator corresponding to roles from the Grand Idea Mafia thread to assign every player a role. Once the mod has randomized a setup that he feels isn't broken, and uses his better judgement to re-roll as necessary, he may begin assigning roles. At the beginning of the game the mod will notify the town of his parameters for an un-broken game (such as no less than half+1 town, no more than a certain number of alignments, etc.) and open the game.

Role List


See Grand_Idea_Mafia/Town_Roles


See Grand_Idea_Mafia/Mafia_Roles




See Grand_Idea_Mafia/Cult_Roles




See Grand_Idea_Mafia/Self-Aligned


  • Roles are assigned to players via the List Randomizer.
  • Balance is explicitly not guaranteed.
  • Because of the special forum-post role mechanic, many new and bastard roles are possible given certain creator's imaginations. The following is a list of blacklisted combinations decided upon by the major contributors to the setup.
  1. To Be Determined

Setup Design

The Grand Idea setup was invented as a replacement to Greatest Idea, and originally intended to be able to be played mod-less. The role list is forever-expanding at the whims of BBmolla, and those who continue to make new roles. The setup is intentionally bastard-esque and crazy and typically designed for less serious playstyle, typically being used in Micro Games.

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