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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 2

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Chain 2: Robocopter87's Chain

14. Robocopter87 - Phrase

"Hello! I am CL4P-TP, you may call me by my locally designated name, Clap Trap!"

15. SpyreX - Picture


16. mallowgeno - Phrase

"Mice attack a robot with cheese graters for hands as a giant flying cheese impales the robot."

17. Umbrage - Picture


18. populartajo - Phrase

"Two mice plan to kill a robot attempting to grate their incoming cheese made of diamonds."

19. KaleiÐoscøpe - Picture


20. RedCoyote - Phrase

"Gangster sewer rats fight before a chocolate chip cookie vending machine."

21. Charlie - Picture


22. inHimshallibe - Phrase

"The Sewer Rat Baking and Vending Machine Enthusiasts gathered to discuss their newest fundraising idea."

23. mith - Picture


24. Zang - Phrase

"The mice in the sewer bake a pie while thinking of ways to make money."

25. Shanba - Picture


26. TheBadOne - Phrase

"Two dogs want to get rich by stealing cake in the mine of chili."

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