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I also used to play Mafia at Eyes On Final Fantasy under the username Citizen Bleys

Offsite Games Played

Game Start Date End Date Mod Role Start Status End Status Game Result Comments
Eyes on Final Fantasy Anniversary Mafia November 14, 2012 November 27, 2012 Jiro Apothecary Original player Shot, Night 7 Mafia Win Played quite poorly, had no grasp of theory. Roleclaimed early, ham acting damaged town as much as the mafias, stayed in til night 7 chiefly by luck. Misapplied Shaheed's Law on the 2 mafia theory. Still had a lot of fun though, especially the part where I told one of my own buddies to go to Hell in Hamlet's own words when I didn't know who he was. Did manage to scotch the Mafia Poisoner's last night kill, ironically by following the advice of both Mafia Godfathers. This is where my hate of metagaming was born after my correct diagnosis of [M] Setzer as scum was derailed by a metagaming mislynch. Town was terrible in this game as the second Mafia Godfather truthfully roleclaimed 3 days before the end and still won
Eyes on Final Fantasy Mafia XXV April 1, 2013 April 12, 2013 Laddy Death Miller Original player Shot, Night 5 Mafia Win I actually thought I'd been lied to in my role PM when I flipped scum and realised that my role hadn't been explicitly named, showed up in town green, and didn't have a link to the Mafia talk are.
Eyes on Final Fantasy Mafia XXX April 19, 2017 --- Fynn --- Original player Lynched, Day 3 --- This was the most agonising, frustating, and emotionally draining game of Mafia I've ever played and I never ever ever ever want to go through something like that again. It won't be readable onsite since they re-use mafia accounts, but I will be archiving it on my own hosting both as a textbook example of how not to play Mafia and so you can all see my spiralling descent into madness and laugh. Town was losing quite badly at the end of D2, because they deserved to. This will be the last game I play on that site.

Offsite Games Modded

Game Start Date End Date Game Result Comments
EoFF 2of4 Micro January 8, 2014 January 14, 2014 Mafia Win A bit of an experiment; I tried running a Micro at EoFF using a hybridised mafiascum/EoFF modding style including 24-hour deadlines, plurality lynches, and scum daytalk from EoFF sitemeta together with QTs, posting under forum accounts instead of staff-supplied ones, and mod-supplied votecounts from mafiascum's. I think it worked pretty well. We had a few first-timers, good thing for a 2of4 game. I'd almost convinced one of my players to join us here at mafiascum, but she siteflaked shortly after being placed into a game.

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