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Mafiascum History

Newbie 1021

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Sotty7 Town Vanilla Townie Replaced in Day 1 Killed Night 1 Town win
This was my first game of Mafia ever. It had taken me a few days between registration and actually being confirmed as a new member, so during those days I had spent a lot of time on the wiki. Apparently the stuff I learned made me look like I could've been hiding a power role, because I got taken out night one by the scum (who thought I'd been hiding a power role and killing me might make a good red herring). Day 2 had just about everyone ready to take out palmertrou, but Zed hesitated and didn't hammer him. The deadline came up fast enough that a few townies decided to jump off the palmer wagon and instead hit Zed, who turned out to be scum after all. After a nail-biting yet ridiculously slow final day LordChronos managed to kill the last scum in LyLo which makes this a town win.

Newbie 1031

Game Type Modded by Faction Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Haylen Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed Night 3 Town loss
This game will have a special place in my heart as my first real full game of Mafia (having been killed Night 1 in the first game I played). Day 1 started like any other Day 1, with random votes being thrown around. The first scummy move was made (in my eyes) by Kitsune Inferno, who was asked a direct question and flouted it with a joke. A few posts later, sakshijain and theplague42 were both parroting me about Kitsune's joke, and I ended up relentlessly attacking sak for it. (She would later turn out to be scum.) I hammered SnakePlissken day 1 because we had less than an hour to deadline and our promised hammerer had yet to show. There was no kill Night 1. Day 2 had Jerbs making some shifty statements and jumps in logic, which I pressed him on until he claimed cop who had been roleblocked the first night. We ended up lynching him too, and of course he really was the cop. Night 2 also saw a no-kill, thanks to our magic doctor AntB. Ant ended up getting pressured until he claimed on Day 3, and I immediately called for a counterclaim from a "real" doctor. Thor665 argued against a counterclaim, and while we argued over it Ant snuck in a hammer on plague, who also flipped town. Night 3 fell. I went to work before dawn broke and Day 4 was over before I got back (thankfully I had been killed Night 3 so I couldn't have changed anything) but Thor and Nexus, who was in sak's old spot, had already claimed scum victory. Post-game showed how badly Thor wanted me dead the whole game. A very fun game, despite the loss.