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  • Scum Deck
Setup Size:
  • ?
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The ScumDeck is my attempt to make an accessible version of Greater Idea Mafia, not realising the Great Idea Mafia already included a 52-card deck. In any case, this is the deck of cards I use for introducing mafia to friends in real life (using Open setups at first, then optionally using the full deck game once people are comfortable.) My other Greater Idea-style setup is Cracking Idea Mafia, intended as a richer setup for experts.

The Deck of Cards

  1. Vanilla Townie
  2. Vanilla Townie
  3. Vanilla Townie
  4. Vanilla Townie
  5. Vanilla Townie
  6. Vanilla Townie
  7. Vanilla Townie
  8. Vanilla Townie
  9. Vanilla Townie
  10. Vanilla Townie
  11. Vanilla Townie
  12. Vanilla Townie
  13. Vanilla Townie
  14. Vanilla Townie
  15. Bulletproof Townie
  16. Ascetic Townie
  17. Doctor
  18. Doctor
  19. Jailkeeper
  20. Jailkeeper
  21. Roleblocker
  22. Cop
  23. Cop
  24. One-Shot Cop
  25. Ascetic Cop
  26. Hider*
  27. One-shot Vigilante
  28. One-shot Vigilante
  29. Ascetic Vigilante
  30. Mason
  31. Mason
  32. Mason Miller
  33. Mason Jailkeeper
  34. Nymphomaniac*
  35. Supersaint
  36. Treestump
  37. Mafia Goon
  38. Mafia Goon
  39. Mafia Goon
  40. Mafia Goon
  41. Mafia Goon
  42. Ascetic Mafia Goon
  43. Mafia Silencer*
  44. Mafia Mason
  45. Mafia Prostitute
  46. Mafia Godfather
  47. Serial Killer
  48. Bulletproof Serial Killer
  49. Reflexively Disabling Serial Killer*
  50. Survivor
  51. Spare Card
  52. Spare Card

Role Notes

  • No roles can self-target.
  • Cop: I play that cops return "guilty" or "not guilty", so they can detect serial killers.
  • Reflexively Disabling Serial Killer: This role disables players which target it, effective for future nights. If a role is disabled, its ability will cease to work without the player being explicitly told. Town roles will become effectively vanilla, mafia roles will become effectively a goon. Disabled investigation roles receive "no result" as if blocked by a roleblocker.
  • Nymphomaniac: Must target a player on night 1. If not blocked, the two players become lovers. The targeted player does not know they are lovers with the nymphomaniac; there is no night-talk.
  • Silencer: The targeted player cannot speak the following day, at penalty of modkill.
  • Hider: I play that if the target is successful, the hider is protected if the target is town, and is killed if the target is mafia (but can be protected from this kill.)