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Heya, I'm Xay.

I've been on MafiaScum since mid-November of 2013.

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Prefer to be a Pro-Town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Created this to make meta easier for others to find.

I prefer to play as town, simply because I'm pretty obvious as scum, and I find it to be really stressful. Town, I find to be more relaxed, and to me, finding scum is a lot more fun.

You'll usually find me in Micros, I don't join many non-9-player games, since I've had troubles with bigger playerlists. That doesn't stop me from playing bigger games if they playerlist is fun, though.

I hate walls, even though I end up walling every once in a while. They're a pain to read and absorb.

You can find me often on site chat.

Borrowed a bunch of formatting from Wisdom. Mainly his tables.


Wax - Hydra with Wisdom.

Appa - Hydra with EspeciallyTheLies.

Elric Brothers - Hydra with MTD.

Sup-Zero - Hydra with Shinobi