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Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

Quite possibly the greatest mafia player on the planet, Shinobi was raised by a family of wolves in the Antarctic before stowing away on a cargo plane heading towards the United States. Unsatisfied with the dullness and overheated climate of North Carolina, he now spends his time participating in the game of the uninformed minority.

Here are some examples of his amazing skills in action:

Games Played

# Game name Moderator Alignment Role Player outcome Player win/loss Comment
1) Newbie 1481: Oozes and Slimes PeregrineV Town Vanilla Town Survived to Endgame Win Thor665 is a boss, enough said.
2) Newbie 1495: The One Where Everyone Got Murdered JacobSavage Town Vanilla Town Shot Night 2 Win
3) MICRO 350 JESTER NIGHTLESS pieguyn Town Vanilla Town Survived to Endgame Loss
4) Mini 1582: Formerfish's First Foray Formerfish Town Two-Shot Hider Shot Night 1 Win
5) Suburban Warfare xRECKONERx Cataldi Mafia 1-Shot Roleblocker Survived to Endgame Win
6) Newbie 1531--Natirasha's Non-Necessary Newbie Natirasha Town Jailkeeper Survived to Endgame Win
7) Your Idea Mafia 2! Lucky2u Cult Bloodhound Survived to Endgame Win
8) Open 570: Making Friends and Enemies beastcharizard Town Mason Shot Night 3 Loss
9) Micro 391: Mafia Tabletop: The Kobolds' Lair BBMolla Good Cleric Endgamed Loss
10) Newbie 1544 - Shakespeare Mafia fferyllt Town Vanilla Town Lynched Day 4 Loss
11) Reck's Retrospective Rehash xRECKONERx Town Vanilla Town Lynched Day 6 Loss
12) Mini 1628: Rick Santorum Saves Xmas xRECKONERx Town Righteous Christian Warrior Endgamed Loss
13) Open 580: Tit For Tat BlueBloodedToffee Town Jailkeeper Survived to Endgame Win
14) Open 586: Playing With Elements~ Malakittens Town Elemental Doctor Shot Night 3 Win
15) Open 587 - Nightless Vengeful Mayhem Wisdom Town Townie Survived to Endgame Win Played as Sup-Zero, a hydra with Xayzeck.
16) Newbie 1575 Micc Mafia Goon Survived to Endgame Win
17) New York 180 ika Town Citizen Endgamed Loss lolgame
18) Mini Normal 1658: Classic Rock Mafia Wake88 Town Macho Cop Lynched Day 3 Loss Garbage game.
19) Mini 1666: The Reds pisskop Mafia Mafia Godfather Survived to Endgame Win
20) Marvel Mafia Jingle Town Namor Shot Night 2 Win
21) Mini 1687: Refraction Mafia Aeronaut UltraViolet Mafia 1-Shot Bulletproof Survived to Endgame Win
22) Newbie 1630 Micc Town Tracker Shot Night 2 Win First IC game.
23) NY 188: Delicious Mafia 2 Aeronaut Town Town Neighbor Shot Night 2 Win
24) Mini Normal 1711: Flavor Not Required. Ranmaru Town Town Mason Survived to Endgame Win
25) Mini 1714: Justified Season 2 Mafia ChannelDelibird Town Vanilla Town Survived to Endgame Loss
26) Antihero vs FakeGod Antihero and FakeGod Mafia Unlimited N5 Vigilante Survived to Endgame Win
27) Mini 1722: Warcraft III Reign of MAFIA shos Ongoing

Modded Games

# Game Name Setup Game Outcome Link to Host Analysis Comments
1) Mini 1627: Ninja Mini Mafia 3 Goons, Friendly Neighbor, JoaT, Vigilante Mafia Win
2) NY 183 - Apocalypse Mafia Joat, 2-shot Friendly Neighbor, Tracker, Doctor, Mafia Roleblocker, Encryptor, 2-shot Rolecop, Traitor Town Win N/A
3) Mini 1701 - Modified Werewolf 13er Open Setup - Read OP Mafia Win N/A
4) Newbie 1648 Ongoing

Greatest Game of All Time

Game name Moderator Alignment Role Player outcome Player win/loss Comment
GREATEST IDEA MAFIA ROUND 4?! snscompt1 Town Mason Shot Night 4 Win