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Venrob's PYP X/Y (WIP Open Setup)

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  • Venrob's PYP X/Y
Setup Size:
  • 14
Setup Type:

A modified PYP X/Y of mine that I am working on



  • Basic
    • 3 Mafia Goons
    • 11 Vanilla Townies
    • Night 2 Vigilante OR Vengeful
    • Perfectionist Vigilante (see below) OR 1-shot PGO (active)
    • Sane Cop OR 2-shot Redirector
    • Conditional-Commuter (see below) OR 1-shot Watcher
    • Doctor OR Roleblocker
    • Universal Backup w/ 1-shot override (see below) OR Role Cop
    • Neighborizer OR Gunsmith (Positive result on Mafia, Vigilantes, PGO, & CONDITIONALLY JOAT)
    • Jailkeeper OR Tracker
    • 1-shot Governor OR 5-ability JOAT (see below)


The stuff that makes the setup

  • At the start, players recieve their alignment.
  • After that there is the draft (see below)
    • Mafia may talk in their QT during the Draft.
  • After the draft the roles are selected. (See below)
  • Once roles are distributed Day 1 begins.
  • Until day 1 begins the thread remains locked.


This has been modified from original PYP X/Y! Each player sends in 2 numbers in format "1, 2".

The first number dictates the draft order- the lower the number (so long as there are no duplicates) goes first. After all no-duplicate numbers go numbers reapeated twice, then thrice, etc.
The second number is a tiebreaker for duplicates. If the second number is also a tie (or a coinflip, mod's choice) breaks the tie.


Example Draft

Just the numbers
Name Numbers
A 1, 1
B 1, 2
C 2, 1
D 10, 1
E 2, 1
F 3, 5
G 4, 1
H 1, 3
The produced order
Name Numbers
F 3, 5
G 4, 1
D 10, 1
E 2, 1
C 2, 1
A 1, 1
B 1, 2
H 1, 3

NOTE: It was a coin toss for which of C/E came above the other

Role Selection

This has been changed from the original PYP X/Y!

After draft order is determined each player sends in a slot they would like ('x OR y' from above)

They also send in a secondary slot.

Should 2 people choose the same first role, the one higher on the draft list recieves it while the lower gets their second choice.
Should the second choice also be the same, the higher gets it while the lower stays vanilla.

Odd Roles

Perfectionist Vigilante 

If the Perfectionist Vigilante shoots a townsperson they feel guilty and cannot shoot again, however if they shoot a mafia they can shoot again

EX: They shoot town, they can't shoot again.
They shoot maf, they then shoot a second time. Should their second shot be town they may not shot again.

SHORT VERSION: They may shoot until they kill a townie.


The Conditional-Commuter may chosse to commute on any one night. If they were targetted for a kill on that night they feel lucky and may commute once more.

SHORT VERSION: Each time they dodge a kill by commuting they recieve an additional shot.

Universal Backup w/ 1-shot override 

The Universal Backup will become the first role that dies. They may choose only once to not take the dead role.

SHORT VERSION: They may choose to not use their automatic ability (override it) once.


The Gunsmith is a type of "Flavor Cop". They get a result in the form of "Has a gun"(positive) or "No gun"(negative). They get a poditive result on any mafia goon, Night 2 or Perfectionist Vigilante1, 1-shot PGO, or CONDITIONALLY 5-anility JOAT. (see JOAT below)

1If the Perfectionist Vigilante has killed a town thus having no shots left, a negative result will appear

SHORT VERSION: Flavor cop.

5-ability JOAT 

May use each ability once:

  1. Investigate
  2. Save
  3. Roleblock
  4. Kill
  5. Commute

NOTE: If they have not yet used the kill ability they will return a positive result to a gunsmith.

SHORT VERSION: A JOAT with 5 abilities that sometimes returns positive result to a gunsmith.

Role PM's

Firstly, a template (taken from original PYP X/Y wiki):

You have won the 'x OR y' slot! Please specify which you would like to be before the game starts.
x: x's abilities.
y: y's abilities.

Should they specify the role during role selection, the role name replaces the 'x OR y' slot, while it only tells the abilites of the one they chose. Now for the roles!
NOTE: Taken from original PYP X/Y wiki for the most part. A ~ indicates completely original text.

Night 2 Vigilante 

On night 2 only you may select a player in the game to nightkill.


If you are lynched, you may select a player in the game to vengekill before the game goes to night.

Perfectionist Vigilante 

~ You may choose a player to kill each night until you successfully kill a town player. At the time you kill a town player you may no longer kill for the remainder of the game.

1-shot PGO 

On one night of your choice, you may elect to "arm" yourself. If you do, you kill anyone who targets you that night.

Sane Cop 

Each night, you may investigate one player in the game and learn their alignment.

2-shot Redirector 

On two nights of your choice, you may select a player to "redirect". If they are using an action that night, they will be redirected to another player of your choice.


~ On one night of your choosing you may commute. Should you be targetted by a kill that night, you feel lucky and are able to commute again on a different night.

1-shot Watcher 

On one night of your choice you may watch a player of your choice and learn who targeted them (if anyone)


Each night you may select a player in the game to protect from one nightkill.


Each night you may select a player in the game to roleblock. This will prevent them from using any actions.

Universal Backup w/ 1-shot override 

After the first powerrole has died, you will inherit their role. You may choose to override the inheritance once. Should multiple roles die at the same time the one which you inherit is random.

Role Cop 

Each night, you may investigate one player in the game and learn their role. Mafia Goons and Vanilla Townies will both investigate as Vanilla.


Each night you may create a neighborhood with another player in the game. You will now have access to a quicktopic thread with this player fir use at any time.


~ Each night you may choose to investigate a player. You will learn if they have a gun or not. The following roles have guns: Mafia, Night 2 Vigilante, Conditional-shot Vigilante (if they have not yet killed a townie), 1-shot PGO, 5-ability JOAT (if they haven't used their kill ability yet).


Each night, you may choose to "jailkeep" someone which will simultaneously protect them from one nightkill and roleblock them.


Each night, you may select a player in the game to track. You will find iut who they targeted that night, if anyone.

1-shot Governor 

~ Once the game has entered twilight (the final hammering vote has been cast) you have 24 hours to change who is being lynched. You may only do this once.

5-ability JOAT 

You may choose one ability to use each night. Each ability may only be used once. You do not have to use an ability each night. Abilities:

  • Investigate
  • Protect
  • Roleblock
  • Kill
  • Commute

Basic PM's

These are sent out before the draft phase starts.


Welcome [player]! You are a Vanilla Townie!

Each day you may vote one person.

You win when all mafia are dead and at least one town is alive.


Welcome [player]! You, along with you partners [1] and [2], are mafia goons!

Each day you may vote one person. Each night one of you may perform a kill. You may talk in your [QT].

You win when all town are dead and at least one of you is alive, or when nothing can prevent this.

Additional Info

  • No one mafia member can use their ability and perform the kill.
  • Reports should be worded in a way ambiguous to redirection such as "Your target was visited by X" "Your target went X" "Your target is X"
  • Mafia have daytalk

Action resolution

  1. Commuting
  2. PGO activation
  3. Roleblocking/Redirecting
  4. Protecting
  5. Killing
  6. Investigating

Note: You can roleblock a redirector and redirect a roleblocker. Should these roles target each other, the Roleblocker blocks the Redirector.