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Welcome to Venrob's Wiki Page!

I am SupahGamah on EpicMafia

It is now
Wednesday, December 1, 2021



Ongoing games will simply state "Alive" for claims, as i cannot post claims here. Exception being "Innocent Child" or equivalent role in where I am cleared by the mod, as that will, from what i have been told, be okay.

Color Key: Win Lose Modded Ongoing Mod Abandoned

Game Type Name/Link Win/Lose Mod Setup Role Alignment Character When I joined When I Died
Open Open 428 Win Agent_Ireland Double Day Unlimited Mafia Goon Mafia N/A Start N/A
Mini Theme Phineas and Ferb Lose Guy_Named_Riggs N/A VT Town Jeremy Johnson Day 2 Lynched Day 6
Open Open 457 Lose CF Riot Double Day Unlimited VT Town N/A Start Lynched Day 1a
Open Open 460 Lose FeiRei Vengeful Mafia Godfather Mafia N/A Start Lynched Day 1
Open Cat's Eye Win Whiskers Masons and Mafia VT Town N/A Start N/A
Open Town of Lottery Addicts Lose Bitmap Pick Your Power X/Y Vengeful, Pick 13. Town N/A Start Lynched Day 5
Open Open 475 Town Victory! Venrob Twin Trap Game Moderator Mod N/A Start Shot Night 0
Mini Theme EpicMafia Adventure Town Victory! Venrob EpicMafia Adventure Game Moderator Mod Host Start N/A
Large Theme Lord of the Rings Lose! Empking N/A Poison Doctor Town Aragorn Start Killed by poison n2
Open C9++ Lose KingdomAces C9++ 1-shot Doctor Town N/A Start Killed night 3
Open Pick your Poison Lose Kalimar Pick Your Poison Mafia Goon Mafia N/A Start Lynched day 4
Micro ETL's Wierd Idea Mafia Win! EspeciallyTheLies Wierd Idea Mafia Mafia SuperSaint Mafia N/A Start Shot Day 1
Mini Theme FTL Mafia Lose Bella N/A Rebel Assassin Rebels Kapalka Start Lynched Day 1
Open C9++ Lose vezokpiraka C9++ Vigilante Town N/A Start Lynched Day 3
GameType Game Link Win/Lose Mod Link Setup Role Alignment Character WhenJoined Died



Town: 1/6
Mafia: 2/3
3rd: 0/0