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A MeatWorld Meetup hosted by Thesp on July 12-15, 2007 in Jackson, Mississippi. Later commemorated by Thespival Mafia, which was won by the mafia.

Daily Logs

Wednesday, July 11th

petroleumjelly made it! He flew in this afternoon, and we went out to grab a bite to eat. After that, we came home and are amidst our second game of RoboRally. I won the first handily, but pj has taken to his Option card he drew, and is sending people off of cliffs. He killed me for my third death, giving me a moment to inform the wiki-watching world what a vicious RoboRally player pj is. He's not even going for the flags, just guarding the one everyone's going for and killing them dead. The carnage is massive. -Thesp

Huzzuh! Came in (after a slight luggage fiasco). Thesp and Kristocker are just as - if not more - nice than I imagined. Of course, they haven't tried to kill me in my sleep yet, so I'm probably being too quickly jugdmental.

Played Robo-Rally, which I enjoyed. Also struggled through a "Take Six" game (did badly), Mao (got the hold of, though crazy), and Havoc (which I lost terribly). Lots of fun - looking forward to tomorrow! We just picked Alky up from the airport, and Thesp/Alky/myself are giong to play a game of Ra (yet another game I've never heard of). Better stop typing.  ;) - PJ

Huzzuh! I tricked Jelly into huzzuhing before me >_>. I got to dominate on Ra and get dominated teaching Jelly EcoFluxx. Oh ya, I called dibs on a private two bedroom room already, and PJ claimed the second position, sorry Slay. - alky

Thursday, July 12th

I awake early to bite PJ. As the last two to sleep, PJ and I spent the first part of the night trying to turn off the hanging light. No luck. I threw my blanket over my eyes... Now I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the Thespivilians! :D -alky

Picked up MoS from the AmTrak station, they're playing Uno and we're getting enchiladas and tacos ready. -Thesp 11:15, 12 July 2007 (MDT)

Note: Jelly won like 5 of 6 Uno games. *nods* I expect to be invited to the next World Series of Uno. - Jelly

Friday, July 13th

Up until 6:30am last night, and got a 3 hour nap. Harry Potter was awesome, though I seem to be the one who enjoyed it the most. Railroad Tycoon was great, and everyone played exceptionally well for their first game. We made it through a tough game of Shadows Over Camelot, surviving with no traitor in a game of 6 people. As I was going to sleep, I heard Pooky running a game where he was dealing out random cards from the deck, and apparently the FBI Agent went on a murderous rampage, unable to find a SK, so he became one himself. Crazy. -Thesp 12:38, 13 July 2007 (MDT)

Note: The games Pooky were modding were completely demolished by MeMe. She waltzed in tired as can be, and creamed us twice in a row (can you even recream creamed corn?) as the Serial Killer. Brilliant play both times 'round. - Jelly

36 hours and counting... -mith 18:21, 13 July 2007 (MDT)

Saturday, July 14th

Lotsa games, most of which I don't remember off-hand. I was taken behind to the back room and beaten with clubs in a brutal game of Tigris and Euphrates, which MeMe triumphed at (although it turned out to be a very close game). Thesp monopolized the coffee market in an intriguing game of Puerto Rico. Dirge schooled us in the ways of Modern Art - he has an incredible sense of how to make money while putting in the least amount of investment. I managed to retaliate via lexicon in two straight games of Probe - my words being Huckleberry and Antebellum, respectively. Dirge and I also split a win at Web of Power, even though I had thought the game was under my thumb. Curses! - Jelly

Sunday, July 15th

The house has been awakened by a few of playing a game of pit. We were all tired before it started - but after yelling, haggling, tossing cards, and trying to ring a bell, the mood was set for gaming! - Jelly

It's been an awesome weekend, and we've had our first wave of departures. I already miss those who left! We've been doing some more mafia and smaller setups, having great success with Crush Nightless and Assassin in the Palace (in which mith managed to lynch all the guards!). Everyone is crashing too, as the long weekend full of caffeine is catching up with everyone. MoS even fell asleep during one game of Mafia! I've got some great quotes from the weekend, which I'll get up here later.-Thesp 21:46, 15 July 2007 (MDT)

Note: In all technicality, I was probably the most responsible person for lynching the Guards. Pretty much all of them, in fact. >.> This comment is not in any way to detract from mith's win, however - it was a piece of art!

Alhambra was another good game - alky managed to steal the day by stealing the green properties, and butting into the colors mith was trying to get (which I was also trying to get). 'Twas a good one. - Jelly

Monday, July 16th

We awoke to the smell of Apple Strudel pop-tarts, and got things going with yet another rousing game of Pit. Whilst we were all sitting around the table, Tally made us all some toast with marmite.. a very salty, but good culinary experience.Mith and Tally couldn't leave without being part of the greatest indian-leg wrestling tournament evar... Thesp was triumphant after demolishing the incumbent champion MoS and all contenders. After this, the last minion said goodbye to our great leader, as he and Tally headed towards New Orleans. -Slay

Don't quite recall everything that happened this day. However, MoS had his train delayed until Tuesday, which allowed for more games!

We played a couple games of Betrayal at House on the Hill - a very confusing game because of the constant ambiguity. I was the "traitor" both games. The first time, I split in half into an Oroborous with 2 heads, trying to strangle off the house with my giant body - I sadly died with only 4 more body pieces to place {although we later found out I should have been able to do more things, but oh well). Second time around my malicious vines were able to control the house, pulling players to their doom, whilst my character haunted them in the Mystical Elevator stealing their dropped items and tossing them into chasms. Bwahaha!

Played a 6-player Settlers: Cities and Knights which I managed to get good placement on (the only player who had an available sheep resource), and I summarily used the barbarian attacks to my advantage by having everybody lose cities throughout the course of the game while I had played all 4 of mine early and kept them. Despite being ganged up on - and an astounding 10 straight turns of receiving no resources and probably 7/8 barbarian ship movements - I managed to declare victory before any other player reached 8 points. Despite what MoS says, I saw him as a threat. :P

Warrior Knights was an incredibly intricate and interesting game - after analyzing the board position later, my win largely came from the fact I had managed to capture three adjacent cities (while making an agreement that the person closest to me would not attack me), and kept them while nobody else had as many cities. Since there were so few available Victory Points, I collected the most before they had run out, but I am confident had there been 15-20 more Victory Points available I would have been third or fourth of six players. I think other players (Thesp being the most notable) had a very good long term strategy which simply didn't pay off because we finished the game in so few "turns". -- Jelly

Tuesday, July 17th

The final day. We played a couple card games of David and Goliath (won by alky and LyingBrian, respectively). Also played a game of On the Underground, which in retrospect was played VERY well by all involved, but MoS/myself managed to split to win out of 6 players.

I was sad to leave, but I am more than pleased to say that I don't believe I have ever had a more enjoyable week in my life - period. It was such a completely new experience to be in an entire houseful of people I had never met - and feel completely comfortable. Love to all those who came, and extra love to our wonderfully patient and generous hosts! I do not regret a single penny of what it took to make it, and I feel so *fulfilled* for having met so many scummers. Looking forward to seeing everybody again! - Jelly

Mafia Games Played

Game 1: Newbie c9 +1, Nightstart, Thesp mod

  • Night 0: Kill alky (Townie), Lady Poyson investigate Kenny (innocent)
  • Day 1: Lynch Tally (Townie)
  • Night 1: Kill Lady Poyson (Cop); MoS protect Lady Poyson; Lady Poyson investigate PJ (guilty)
  • Day 2: Lynch MoS (Doctor)
  • Result: PJ/mith mafia endgame Lisa (Cop), Slay (Townie), Kenny (Townie)
  • Fun Notes: "Toe Tells" coined by PJ; also a "pulse check" on Slay by PJ

Game 2: mith/Lisa scum, details currently unrecalled, but town won

Game XXX: 10 Townies, 2 Scum (Mountainous), mith mod

  • Night 0: Tally (Townie) killed
  • Day 1: LyingBrian (Townie) lynched
  • Night 1: MeMe (Townie) killed
  • Day 2: Craig (Scum), lynched
  • Night 2: PJ (Townie), killed
  • Day 3: mlaker (Townie), lynched
  • Night 3: MoS (Townie) killed
  • Day 4: Fletcher (Townie) lynched
  • Night 4: Slay (Townie) killed
  • Day 5: Alky (Townie) lynched
  • Result: Pooky (Scum) endgamed spork (Townie)

Game XXX: 4 Mafia, 4 Quacks, 8 Doctors (no-reveal for Quack/Doc), Thesp mod

  • Night 0: MeMe (Doc) killed, Atticus (Doc) killed
  • Day 1: +1 (Doc) lynched
  • Night 1: MoS (Quack) killed, LyingBrian (Doc) killed
  • Day 2: alky (Quack) lynched
  • Night 2: PJ (Quack) killed
  • Day 3: Tally (Quack) lynched
  • Result: Kris/mlaker/Craig/Lady Poyson endgame Slay (Doc), Pooky (Doc), Fletcher (Doc), spork (Doc)

Game XXX: 1 Jester, 3 Mafia, forget the rest, Thesp Mod

  • Day 1: Atticus (Mafia) claims Jester, Dirge (Jester) lynched
  • Result: Dirge (Jester) wins, Atticus/Kristoker/Lisa(?) (Mafia) lose, MeMe/Mith/MoS/Pooky/Mlaker/etc. lose

Game XXX: Standardish Set-up?, Tally Mod

  • Result: Town wins, with mith/MeMe lynching Thesp (last remaining scum) in endgame

Game XXX: Mostly Mute Newbie c9: Both power roles given out, scum given unrevealed nightkill headstart, Tally mod

  • Night 0: Kill Slay (Townie, unrevealed to town)
  • Day 1: Lynch LyingBrian (Townie)
  • Night 1: Kill alky; mith (Doc) protect alky; alky investigate MoS (innocent)
  • Day 2: No-Lynch
  • Night 2: Kill MoS (Townie); mith (Doc) protect PJ; alky investigate mith (innocent)
  • Day 3: Lynch Kris (Scum); PJ (Scum) forfeits
  • Result: alky (Cop), mith (Doc), Thesp (Townie) wins
  • Fun Notes: PJ/Kris were called most innocent on D1!

Game XXX: Crush Mafia (2 Vengeful Scum, 1 Lyncher, 1 Target, 2 Townies), Thesp mod

  • Day 1: Lynch Alky (Mafia GF)
  • Result: LB (target) and Mith/Slay (townies) win, Tally (Lyncher) loses, MoS/Alko (Scum) lose

Game XXX: Crush Mafia (2 Vengeful Scum, 1 Lyncher, 1 Target, 2 Townies)

  • Day 1: Lynch LB (Target)
  • Result: Tally (Lyncher) wins, Thesp/mith (Scum) lose, MoS/PJ (Townies) lose

Game XXX: Vanillaless Mafia (1 Mafia GF, 1 Mafia Roleblocker, 1 Roleblocker, 1 Cop, 1 Doctor, 1 Mason, LyingBrian mod

  • Day 1: Lynch Alky (Mason)
  • Night 1: Thesp (RB) blocks Slay (Mafia GF) targetting Mith (Cop), MoS (Mafia RB) blocks Pooky (Doc) targetting Mith, Mith investigates Thesp: No Kill
  • Day 2: Lynch Slay (Mafia GF)
  • Night 2: Thesp (RB) Killed
  • Day 3: MoS (Mafia RB) Lynched
  • Result: Mith/Thesp/Pooky/Alky (Protown) wins, Slay/MoS (Scum) lose

Game XXX: Assassins in the Palace, Thesp mod

  • Day 1: Lynch Tally (Guard)
  • Day 2: Lynch LyingBrian (Guard)
  • Day 3: Lynch alky (Guard)
  • Day 4: Lynch MoS (Guard)
  • Day 5: Lynch PJ (Guard)
  • Result: mith (Scum) endgames Slay (Queen)
  • Fun Notes: Both PJ/LB thought was mith was scum on D1, but didn't want to give away that it was because of mith's attitude towards Slay. PJ presented a plan for the guards to "signal" the King, after which the King would try to make somebody else look like the King, so Assassin would miskill. As it happened, Slay thought she got a signal from mith, which essentially protected him from lynched for the remainder of the game! PJ pretty much led lynches on each of the Guards. ><

Game XXX: Lyncher Mafia (1 Lyncher, 1 Jester, 1 SK, 1 Target, 3 Townies), alky mod

  • Day 1: No Lynch
  • Night 1: Kill Tally (Townie)
  • Day 2: No Lynch
  • Night 2: No Kill
  • Day 3: No Lynch
  • Night 3: Kill Jelly (Jester)
  • Day 4: No Lynch
  • Night 4: Kill MoS (Lyncher)
  • Day 5: Lynch Slay (SK)
  • Result: LyingBrian (Target), mith (Townie), Thesp (Townie) wins

Board/Card Games Played

  • RoboRally (x3)
  • Mao (x3)
  • 6 Takes! (x3)
  • Ra (x2)
  • Havoc
  • EcoFluxx (x2)
  • Deflexion (x2)
  • Railroad Tycoon
  • Shadows Over Camelot
  • Tigris & Euphrates
  • Puerto Rico (x2)
  • Web of Power (x2)
  • Mu and Mehr
  • Hoopla (x3)
  • Goa
  • 5-6 Player Cities & Knights of Catan (x2)
  • Power Grid
  • Colossal Arena
  • Formula De
  • Modern Art (x2)
  • Probe (x2)
  • Uno (x6)
  • David and Goliath (x2)
  • Munchkin
  • On the Underground
  • Warrior Knights
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill (x3)
  • For Sale!
  • Imagine Iff...
  • Pit (x2 sessions)
  • Taboo (x2)
  • Alhambra
  • Coloretto
  • Euchre (coughslavescough)
  • Poker
  • Spoons
  • Hearts
  • Yut Nori
  • Lost Cities
  • Scotland Yard
  • War
  • Apples to Apples

Memorable Quotes

Tally - "Just 'cause you're a newbie doesn't mean you're not a player."

mith - "Who do you think is scum?"
Kenny - "Well, I've got a couple of people, I think."
mith - "Would you like to name them?"
Kenny - "No, not really."
mith - "This is not working so well."

Mastermind of Sin - "He said if he were scum, he'd already be targetted. And he's already targetted, so..."

LyingBrian - "Is it possible that in the last two games that I've played that I've improved?"
MeMe - "No."

Mlaker - "You're not targetting us as scum, you're targetting us as useless."
Spork76 - "I'm very misrepresented."

Pooky, to MoS - "If there were 25 players, 5 mafia, and we lynched 3 scum bam bam, and we're left with, what, 17 townies, do we no lynch down to 2-10 because that's the standard mountainous setup?"

Talitha - "I'd rather just win, I don't care about blowing the game out of the water."

Pooky, in a face-to-face game - "Everyone check their role PM, make sure you're not a cop."

kristocker - "The last time I was over here, it was Tally licking a window."

Tally - "Who did you protect?"
Spork - "Pooky. You know how we roll."

Pooky - "Who did you protect?"
Talitha - "You."
Pooky - "You protected me?"
Talitha - "I know. Idiotic."

Pooky - "What am I? Day cult leader where if you want to join you jump in my lap?"

Pooky - "The couch votes Atticus!" (5 votes are then counted on Atticus as a result of this statement)

Spork - "Who would vote MeMe?"
MeMe - "Do you think I'm suspicious?"
Spork - "Well, no, but if 6 people were willing to lynch you I'd jump on the bandwagon."

Spork - "Any more people want to vote for whoever I'm voting for?"

Pooky - "It doesn't matter what they're saying...wait, what did they say again?"

Mastermind of Sin - "I've narrowed down the Jester between Atticus, LP, Tally, MeMe, kristocker & Kenny."
Kenny - "Well, you can take me off the list, because I'm not the Jester."
Atticus - "You can take me off the list too, because I'm not either. You've narrowed your list down to 4."

mith - "Did all the mafia hear what Pooky said?"
MeMe - "No, what?"


In order of arrival: