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This template is used to sort all templates into sub-categories and to give someone sifting through them some quick information.





Specify the name of the template here.


Specify the type of template here, the types are:

  • Administration: for templates for SysOps ot Administrators.
  • Formatting: for templates that aid or simplify formatting.
  • Info Box: for templates that create or aid infoboxes.
  • Navigation: for templates that ease navigation from page to page.
  • Organising: for templates that sort pages.
  • Utility: for templates that ease any task.
  • Other: for templates that don't fit in the other categories.


Specify with "Yes" or "No" if the template is made as part of another template. Only do this if the template serves no other purpose.


Specify the maker(s) here.


Add any notes here.


Name: Please Specify
Type: Please Specify
Sub-Template: Please Specify
Designer: Please Specify

|Notes=This is an example.}}
  • Example
  • No
Notes: This is an example.