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There are Site Rules to which players must adhere.

Each games also has its own set of rules determined by the moderator. Generally, different games have similar rules. (The exceptions being games with more intricate game mechanics.)

  • During the day, everyone can post whatever accusations they like.
  • No players may talk outside of the game thread during the day phase.
  • Mafia members, masons, cult members, and some other groups may be able to talk outside the thread during the night phase.
  • Voting is generally done in some specific format (such as Vote: SomePlayer) to make it easier for the Moderator to keep count.
  • In most games, once someone reaches a majority that player is eliminated and the moderator reveals that player's role.

A Flash Guide to Mafia (created by mikeburnfire) may be helpful.

See the FAQ for more specific information on playing Mafia online.