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Game Mechanics

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Game Mechanics, or just "mechanics", are the rules (both written and understood) by which the Mafia game operates. Some of the most commonly understood mechanics are as follows.

  • During the Day phase, each player may speak and vote inthread.
  • If a player receives the majority of the available votes during the Day, they are eliminated.
  • After the Day, the game goes to Night.
  • The game thread is closed during the Night. The Mafia may speak to each other at Night. All Active Roles may submit actions via PM at Night.
  • The Mafia can, as a faction, kill one player at Night.
  • After the Night, the game goes to Day.
  • All dead players (eliminated or killed) can no longer participate the game.
  • Basic rules for maintaining the integrity of the game thread are in effect (i.e. players may not quote their Role PMs, nor may they discuss the game outside the game thread unless otherwise permitted, etc.)
  • The game is comprised of factions, including Mafia, Town, and/or somewhat predictable third parties.
  • The game is won when only one faction remains in the game, or nothing can prevent the same.

On, these standard rules must be followed in Normal games.

Altering these rules may have interesting effects, but care must be taken to observe how altered mechanics affect game balance.