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Newbie 3

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Newbie 3
Forum: The Road to Rome
Moderator(s): rite
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia

Newbie 3 was a mafiascum game played in the Road to Rome newbie forum. It lasted from December 10, 2003 until December 20, 2003 (10 days, 20 hours, 23 minutes) and featured a total of 63 posts. The Mafia won a perfect victory.


The Players in Newbie 3 were:

Player Name - Role

Pregame, Set-Up, & Rules

As moderator rite set the game in the fictional generic town of Villageton. As the game lacked a Night 0, rite made a NPC Anthrax as the victim of a shooting to set the mood.

The setup for Newbie 3 featured a 7-player C9 setup. This setup includes 2 mafia goons, 1 cop, 1 doctor, and 3 vanilla townies.

rite listed the following rules (stolen from Dragon Phoenix):

  1. Have fun and don't be a jerk. Please have consideration for the other players and the mod, and actually PLAY the game by posting and voting.
  2. No communication outside the thread unless your role allows you to do so and then only in the game's nights.
  3. Get your choices in before the deadlines. If not, no choice will be made for you.
  4. No quoting my or others emails.
  5. If you're dead YOU'RE DEAD. No more posting relevant information after that.
  6. Lynching will be carried out once a regular majority is reached - and cannot be undone by unvoting. If I impose a day deadline, lynching will require at least half of the regular majority. In case of a tie, first come first served.
  7. Only votes in BOLD will be counted. Please clearly unvote if you want to change your vote.
  8. Do NOT edit or delete your posts! If you made a coding error, just post again.
  9. Do NOT post in invisible text.
  10. The mod is always right. Accept the decisions, and if you want to discuss them, take it to email/message, or do so after the game has finished.

Day/Night 1

Day 1 ended with the lynching of Stimpy, a vanilla townie.

Kerplunk was the subject of an early bandwagon that placed him at L-1. Talitha and Kerplunk questioned the members of the bandwagon, looking for justification. Stimpy was the only one who refused to justify his vote so he got voted to L-1 himself. rite's deadline ended and Stimpy was lynched as the voted majority.

Day 1 was 5 days, 21 hours, 42 minutes and lasted 34 posts. It ended on an imposed deadline with 3 of the required 4 votes.

Night 1 ended with the reveal that Bloojay, the town's doctor, had been night-killed. The town's cop (max22) had investigated Kerplunk and received an innocent result.

Night 1 lasted 1 day, 21 hours, 19 minutes.

Day 2

Day 2 ended with the lynching of nard054, a vanilla townie.

Lacking any other leads, max22 revealed that he was the cop and cleared Kerplunk. Out of the remaining players, Talitha and QX pushed some suspicion onto nard045 and followed Kerplunk's vote to victory.

Day 2 lasted 3 days, 1 hour, 22 minutes and lasted 29 posts.

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