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Played on MafiaScum before the crash. After that I had to register again and did this on the 15th July 2003. My first game was Sluggy Freelance by Darkblade. I remember I played with Fishbulb, whose also was his first at MafiaScum. Went away for 6 months in January 2005. All games registered below have been played after the 20th of July 2005.

Then I went away again somewhere around May 2006. And now (July 2007) I decided to start playing some Mafia again. It will probably only be for a few months as I am doing a Master Journalism next year and it is said that's a whole lot of work. But during the summer holidays I am planning to do some serious scumhunting/townielynching.

Games I'm currently playing

Newbie 426

Newbie 434

Open 39: Crush Nightless

Completed games


Games I'm currently modding

Newbie 427: Death in Kerplunkville (july 2007)

Newbie 436: Killing in Kerplunkville (aug 2007)

Completed games I modded

Newbie 424: Murder in Kerplunkville (july 2007): scum wins (see also Records)