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Mini 1636

Mafialand Mayhem!

taken over from Riddleton night 3

link to thread

closed Normal setup run from 30 December 2014 (by me from 15 February 2015) till 2 March 2015
Player Replaced Role Death Order Result
1 evilpacman18 Neighbouriser died n4 8th Town loss
2 Aronis BP, Droog 2-Shot Jailkeeper lynched d4 7th Town loss
3 Lapsa Vanilla Townie lynched d1
modkilled d3
1st Modkilled
4 pisskop Drake Crusader, Reticent Vanilla Townie endgamed end Town loss
5 Titus Wake88, freeko* Vanilla Townie lynched d5 9th Town loss
6 MonkeyMan576 Mafia Goon lynched d2 3rd Mafia win
7 Aeronaut Psyche Vanilla Townie endgamed end Town loss
8 KatieB Vanilla Townie lynched d3 5th Town loss
9 Gendaberry Ollie 2-Shot Cop died n3 6th Town loss
10 Luca Blight Vanilla Townie died n1 2nd Town loss
11 llll Mafia Goon x Mafia win
12 Aneninen Vanilla Townie died n2 4th Town loss
13 curiouskarmadog Mafia Goon x Mafia win

*due to moderror