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Multirole Mafia

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  • Multirole Mafia
Setup Size:
  • 12
Setup Type:

Multirole Mafia is a 12-player semi-open setup created by Kitoari where players receive abilities based on a random number generated by the moderator prior to the game.


There are seven abilities used for this setup:

Setup Determination

The moderator randomly chooses a number n between 1 and 3 and then randomizes the player list.

The first player receives the first n abilities, the second player receives the second n abilities, and so on; the moderator continues until all abilities have been exhausted.

If none of the mafia-aligned players received abilities, two of the following abilities are given randomly; if the mafia overall received only one ability, one of the following is given randomly:

If n is 1 and the mafia received no abilities whatsoever, they receive all three of the above abilities.

If the mafia receive the Kill ability, the mafia player receiving the ability is instead given the ability to make Strongman kills in place of the standard NK. If two mafia-aligned players receive the Neighbor ability, the ability is lost. If a mafia player receives the Investigate ability, it is treated as a rolecop.

Players who do not have any abilities are considered vanilla.


Open 269 - (Town Win)