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Mini 1463

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Mini 1463
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): N
Status: Completed
Winner(s): Mafia




Day 1

Vote Count
# Target Voters
7 NotThePope Om of the Nom, Generic, Kid A, Alduskkel, Alabaska J, Mutleyddmc, Smudger
5 Kid A RadiantCowbells, DCLXVI, yessiree, Bub Bidderskins, NotThePope

NotThePope (Mafia Goon) — eliminated

Night 1

  • Bodyguard (DCLXVI) - protect Kid A (successful)
  • Gunsmith (yessiree) - investigate RadiantCowbells (NO GUN)
  • Neighbouriser (Generic) - add Alduskkel to Neighbourhood (successful)
  • Goon (Om of the Nom) - kill DCLXVI (successful)

DCLXVI (Bodyguard) — killed by the Mafia

Day 2

Vote Count
# Target Voters
6 Bub Bidderskins Om of the Nom, Alabaska J, yessiree, RadiantCowbells, Generic, Mutleyddmc
1 yessiree Kid A
1 RadiantCowbells Bub Bidderskins
3 not voting TMTOLBTWNTOF, Alduskkel, Smudger

Bub Bidderskins (Vanilla Townie) — eliminated

Night 2

  • Even-Night Vigilante (Alabaska J) - kill RadiantCowbells (successful)
  • Gunsmith (yessiree) - investigate Kid A (NO GUN)
  • Neighbouriser (Generic) - add Alabaska J to Neighbourhood (successful)
  • Goon (Om of the Nom) - kill TMTOLBTWNTOF (successful)

RadiantCowbells (Vanilla Townie) — killed by Vigilante
TMTOLBTWNTOF (Vanilla Townie) — killed by the Mafia

Day 3

Vote Count
# Target Voters
5 Smudger Om of the Nom, Alduskkel, Generic, Kid A, Smudger
3 not voting yessiree, Mutleyddmc, Alabaska J

Smudger (Vanilla Townie) — eliminated

Night 3

  • Gunsmith (yessiree) - investigate Om of the Nom (HAS GUN)
  • Neighbouriser (Generic) - kill Alabaska J (successful)
  • Neighbouriser (Generic) - add Om of the Nom to Neighbourhood (successful)

Alabaska J (Even-Night Vigilante) — killed by the Mafia

Day 4

Vote Count
# Target Voters
4 no elimination Mutleyddmc, Kid A, yessiree, Om of the Nom
2 not voting Generic, Alduskkel

Night 4

  • Gunsmith (yessiree) - investigate Mutleyddmc (NO GUN)
  • Goon (Om of the Nom) - kill yessiree (successful)

yessiree (Gunsmith) — killed by the Mafia

Day 5

Vote Count
# Target Voters
3 Om of the Nom Mutleyddmc, Kid A, Om of the Nom
2 not voting Generic, Alduskkel

Om of the Nom (Mafia Goon) — eliminated

Night 5

  • Neighbouriser (Generic) - kill Kid A (successful)

Kid A (Vanilla Townie) — killed by the Mafia

Day 6

Vote Count
# Target Voters
2 Alduskkel Mutleyddmc, Generic
1 Mutleyddmc Alduskkel

Alduskkel (Vanilla Townie) — eliminated


Generic (Neighbouriser) - survived
Mutleyddmc (Vanilla Townie) - killed