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Things you should know:

Sarcasm is NOT a scum tell.
I insincerely apologize for any of my jokes which happen to go over your's not my fault you are short.
The best players are the ones with the balls to both realize when their reads are wrong, and who are willing to publicly change them.

Games and Statistics

Layout shamelessly ripped from Vi / Iamausername.

~Mafia Record~
14-11-0 (Total - 56%)
10-10-0 (Town - 50%)
4-1-0 (Mafia - 80%)
0-0-0 (Anything Else - 0%)
As Town

Lynched: 3/20 (15%)
Killed: 9/20 (45%)
Survived: 5/20 (25%)
Endgamed: 3/20 (15%)
As Scum

Lynched: 2/5 (40%)
Killed: 0/4(0%)
Survived: 3/5 (60%)

My Roles:




My Games: Some,more to be added later

Mini 1321: Anxiety's Alliteration Mafia Town_VT_Loss_Engamed
Mini 1317: Mini Normal Town_VT_Loss_mislynched
Open 388: Medical Mafia Town_Doctor_Win_nightkilled
Open 402: Hard Boiled Mafia_Goon_Loss_lynched
Open 404: Twin Trap Town_Watcher_Win_nightkilled
Open 405: OMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMasons and Mafia Town_Mason_loss_nightkilled
Micro 140 - Closed Normal Madness? Mafia_Rolecop_Win_survived
Micro 190: The Dead That Walk Town_VT_Loss_nightkilled
Mini: 1358 History Mafia Town_VT_Loss_mislynched
Mini 1349: Words with Scum Town_VT_Loss_Nightkilled
Mini 1316 - Last Will Mafia IV Town_VT_Loss_engamed
Open 494: Duck Duck Goose Town_PGO_Loss_engamed
NY 163: Void Mountain of the Nightless Temple Town_VT_Win_Survived
Open 479: White Flag Town_VT_Win_Nightkilled
Open 490: Donner Party Mafia Town_VT_Loss_Nightkilled
Newbie 1267: Witty Title Town_VT_Win_Survived
Open 483 - Switch Mafia_Goon_Win_Survived
Micro 13 - Jester Nightless Town_VT_Win_Survived
Judge, Jury, and Executioner Mafia_Goon_Win_Survived
Mini 1326: Mansion Mafia Town_VT_Loss_Mislynched
Large Theme: Otherworld Mafia Town_Alchemical Transmigrator_Win_Survived