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Magic Train

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3-player Mafia Mutation invented at Flayming Man by Shabba and Pooky, plays out a bit like Conspiracy. It's fast and amusing, and benefits from personality more than 'scum hunting' in some ways. Good way to acquire some vendettas in a hurry!

Two players are Magic Trains (Seeking Masons), one is a Mafia Goon. Night Start.

  1. Night One/first phase: Everyone points at someone else of their choice. If the Trains point at each other, "magic happens" and they link up and win. If they don't, proceed to Day (no kills, obviously). I'm pretty sure we did this with eyes open at Flayming Man, but it's been a while now.
  2. Day One/second phase: The Goon tries to convince one of the Trains to pair up the following Night. The Trains obviously try to do the same thing, but they're not lying. No voting or kills, just persuasion and (possibly) bribing. Mod calls deadline if/when they seem to have finished arguing (Face to Face, this phase lasted less than 10 minutes).
  3. Night Two/final phase: Everyone points at someone else again. If the Trains point at each other, they win, otherwise the Goon wins. Either way, game over.


  • Night One, there's a flat chance of 25% for the Trains to pick each other.
  • Night Two has the same basic chance, but the game is balanced out by the fact that the trains get two chances per game.
  • In practice, the Trains lost both the FTF games played at Flayming Man.