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Mafia Mutation

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A Mafia Mutation is a game that is not based on the definition of Mafia; that is, uninformed majority vs. informed minority. Examples of Mafia Mutations include:

  • Games in which there is no uninformed majority - for instance, one in which the majority (or even ALL) of players are scum
  • Games in which there is no informed minority - for instance, one in which there are no Mafia (also, the mod is a bastard)
  • Arguably, games in which there is only one scum player, as they are not particularly informed of anything
  • Games in which the uninformed majority and informed minority do not exist in a meaningful way (for instance, one in which winning via any alliances available is the best play)

There is not necessarily anything wrong with Mafia Mutations, but they're not Mafia. As a result, they are highly frowned upon on when they are cast as Mafia games. However, non-Mafia games are played in The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash with no stigma.