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Logo mafiascum medium.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Joined MafiaScum on 17 September 2007.

Playing Record

Games Played
Game Mod Game Status My Status Role Replaced Won/Lost
Mafia 69 Dead Rikimaru Night 2 Living ??? Replaced Honorary Hitchhiker Day 1 ???
Newbie 475 Save The Dragons Day 1 Living ??? None. ???
Open 46 Erg0 Day 2 Living ??? Replaced Green Day Day 1 ???
Mini 509 petroleumjelly Day 1 Living ??? None. ???
Penalty Box Mafia Foolster41 Day 1 Living ??? None. ???

Moderating Record

I hope to moderate a game someday soon.

Game Ideas

In the Works

Um...well as soon as I play a game or two, I will probably have some ideas.