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Josh B

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WOO Hoo! this is my Wiki Page. And it sucks.((The complete formating of it was stolen from Reinoe so some of the links might be misleading)) I'll be updating it with my games and thoughts VERY SOON! Until then, Watch Youtube Videos and Listen to music while you play Mafia.

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif


Josh B is a horrible tunneler and will attack other users for taking actions that he doesn't like even though it has nothing to do with the game.

Mewbie 1493

Game Type Site Setup Mod Role Entry Status Outcome
Newbie Mafiascum Matrix6 Malakittens Vanilla Townie Started Lynched Day 2 Town Victory
Players: mafioso Smscompt1 Bambo758 I Love Fairies wesleythewong Wisdom saturnine

Josh_B Mr Glidder Mithrandir CaptainMinotaur imkingdavid phokdapolees goodmorning

I was really a douche this game. I came over from another site and tried to play hard and fast like I was used too. I claimed Vanilla Town in my first post, caught a lot of flak over it from several people who were more in tune with the common roles of this site than I was. I spent a lot of time spamming the thread with my nonsense game theories and defended one of the scum as long as I was alive because she posted a cutesy intro. I also caught one scum on the second page, but at the same time, I made him so mad that he quit the game. I tunneled another townie all game because I thought he was scum for picking apart the intro that I loved so much and got really mad when he started complaining about the game(still a pet peeve of mine). I also got the Doctor NK'd by explaining why I thought he was a town PR due to a slip that he made according to game set-up(I really should have waited until endgame to talk about it). I tunneled GoodMorning because I thought I found a scum slip. I got lynched on D2, both of the scum replaced out and Town won due to GoodMorning's leadership and the replacement of the scum who I defended being obvscum.


Faction Win Loss Tie Total Win %
Town 3 3 0 6 50%
Scum 6 2 0 8 75%
Third Party 0 0 0 0 0%
Total 9 5 0 14 64.23%


These articles are so well written I'm surprised I didn't write them myself.

Interactive Tells

Antrax's Guide to Being a Good Townie

A Guide to Focusing on Scum and Getting them Lynched

On Scumhunting