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JEEP's Common Tells

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This information is probably out of date, and needs to be edited by someone who knows what has happened since the last update.

OK, I'm going to outline a few simple tells that will often help you find various roles in Mafia. Please don't get too caught up in the terminology. My basic strategy for determining who has what role is outlined in the topics below. This is a wiki, so feel free to expand this, but if you simply have comments, please use the talk page feature.

I will slowly be adding in the information so as to reduce the impact to running games. See the release schedule in the table below. If I fall behind, feel free to ping me.

Please note that simply by making these "tells" public knowledge, they should fade away. In the short term, it is likely that people, esp. when playing as mafia, will attempt to plant some of these. This is natural and will settle down eventually. Ultimately, I think it will advance the game. And I cannot resist putting in my two cents on good play, so this will probably have some suggestions for play too.

Some general rules of thumb1 that I use:

  • Players want to tell you their role on some level -except when they are playing doctors-... docs want to tell you they aren't docs
  • Pro-town roles rarely have a valid reason to lie. Almost always, pro-town lies are the result of poor play. Therefore, you should Eliminate All Liars. This is a MetaGame ploy to help encourage people to play better.
  • Experienced players have seen variations on it before. So when experienced players ask "what's up with XXX" it means they probably did it. Esp. if they try to tell the town that it "must be" a pro-town ability. Same with Newbies, generally, but there is more variability.

I do things on a percentage basis when I take notes I add a percentage (shown in parenthesis). I won't say that the numbers are all I use, but they help. The numbers are not very scientifically generated...

I misplaced some of the files. If I find them again, I'll change the status, but otherwise, I'll have to start again.

Title Expected release date Status as of July 16, 2004
JEEP's Tells for Finding the Doc Published You will [NOT] be disappointed
JEEP's Tells for Finding the Cop Published 100% complete
JEEP's Tells for Finding Mafia Part 1: Published; Part 2:December Part 2: 60% complete
JEEP's Tells for Finding Masons January 2005 25% complete
JEEP's Tells for Finding the Serial Killer November 2004 50% complete
JEEP's Tells for Finding Townies February 2005 90% complete
JEEP's Miscellaneous Tells On-going Unknown- in progress
Game Analysis After all others are current 5 of 10 complete; others started
JeepBot I might have time to write this A gleam in my eye


  1. Note that these are rules of thumb, not hard and fast rules. There are and will be exceptions. The key to being a great player is being able to identify them.