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JEEP's Tells for Finding Mafia

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This information is probably out of date, and needs to be edited by someone who knows what has happened since the last update.

The common tells for the mafia break down into two categories:

  • Stand-alone tells
  • Associative tells.

Stand-alone tells are most accurate and useful early in the game and the associative tells are useful later in the game (when at least one mafia has been exposed). This article is split into two sections based on these tells.

Rules for Finding Mafia

  1. Congratulate the doctor on successful protection: Is scum or doctor (+20, +10)
  2. WishyWashy voting (+10)
  3. Third person on a wagon is likely to be mafia (+15)
  4. Fourth person on a wagon is likely to be mafia (+10)
  5. Admitting someone is a townie without saying "IF" (+10) (mafia knows for sure who isn't mafia)
  6. Mafia generally have more information than other players, so whoever picks up on tells/hints easiest is more likely to be mafia (+10%). There are some notable exceptions. Experience and skill should be taken into consideration.


  • If you think someone is a doctor, he's probably mafia.
  • Day 1 and 2 voting patterns are most important after a mafia is found.

Day 1 mafia errors

  • Voting each other while FOSing a non-mafia. This is very common.
  • After a mafia dies (or even an innocent if you are observant) go back through your analysis.
  • Wishy Washy voting patterns and wagon jumping.
  • Asking for excessive explanation from co-mafia.
  • If a mafia is about to be lynched, they often use Wine In Front Of Me. Don't, it's too easy to screw it up and it's even more likely that you already screwed it up.
  • Voting without any good reason, or indeed any reason whatsoever.
  • Deliberately avoiding/ giving half-answers to queries from other players.
  • Mis-quoting/selective quoting. Only scum should need to provide false evidence.
  • Trying to find out and reveal power roles on day 1 (if applicable)
  • Trying to bus their partners when they realize the lynch of their partner is inevitable.

Day 2+ mafia errors

  • Gloating (any form of "complaining" about how bad the previous night was, how the doctor/cop was killed, etc.) Similar to "congratulating the doctor".