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Searching on a wiki can be a little different than using a search engine such as Google. There are four basic search methods:

Type and press Enter

Specifically, typing something into the search box on the left edge does and hitting Enter does not open up a search screen, as you might think. Instead, it tries two things in order:

  1. Go to that exact title, if such a page exists. Capitalization matters here, except for the first letter (so "mr. flay" is not the same as "Mr. Flay"). If that fails...
  2. Then search for those words, including some instances where it forms part of another word.
Type and press Go

The above behavior is the same as what happens if you press the 'Go' button, which is why it is bolded. This is most useful when you're pretty sure the page exists.

Type and press Search

This bypasses the 'Go' option, allowing you to directly search for a word or phrase in other pages besides the title in question. For instance, you may be interested in seeing where other pages use the words 'Deadline Lynch'. Word order and capitalization does not matter, and enclosing a phrase in quotes does not seem to limit results to that exact phrase; you will get the same results for 'lynch deadline' as 'Deadline Lynch'.

Advanced search

More advanced search options, such as limiting yourself to only User: and User_talk: pages, is possible by going to Special:Search and scrolling to the bottom. Depending on your preferences and whether or not you are logged in, certain namespaces may already be checked for you.