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Namespaces are areas of the wiki. Generally most pages and links created, such as Scum, do not have a prefix, and are in the (Main) namespace. Most will be lightly used here, but they are listed below for convenience:

  • (Main) - the default option, sometimes called articlespace. No prefix is required.
  • User: - where information specific to users of the wiki is stored.
  • Project:, currently titled MafiaWiki: (though this can be changed)
  • Image:, where any uploaded media files will be stored.
  • MediaWiki:, where short files related to the operation/configuration of the wiki are stored.
  • Template:, the default location searched when the {{template}} syntax is invoked.
  • Help:, which holds exactly the pages you might expect.
  • Category:, which holds all of the categories used to organize the wiki.

Note that each namespace has a talk namespace associated with it.