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Gamma Emerald/Played-Games

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Note: as of 9/8/2019 I'm only updating this with games where I count them to my W/L record. This will exclude all theme games, leaving newbies, opens, and normals. This also rectifies another issue of me having played to many theme games to feasibly record. I'll fix up my Micro games eventually.

The Road to Rome

Newbie 1734 (Town Cop, Survived, Victorious Day 4): Played fairly well, I scumread one of the scum off of a few posts at the beginning but backed off after blowback, Days 1 and 2 were both mislynches but a well-gotten guilty helped make the scumteam evident.

Newbie 1737 (Vanilla Townie, Endgamed, Defeated Day 3): Scum played well, though I had a lock on one of them.

Newbie 1739 (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 3): Had accurate reads on the scumteam when I came in, then second guessed myself. Won by PoE lynching both scum.

Newbie 1764 (Town Tracker, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 3): Did not have the time to play and lost because of that.

Newbie 1849 (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 2): Replaced into a slot that was pretty much TWTBAW and I still had to save it which I did fairly poorly at, but the d1 lynch was swung onto scum, and the last scum was PoEd Day 2.

Newbie 1856 (Vanilla Townie, Killed Night 1, Victorious Day 3): My best town game ever up to then. Managed to play towny enough to get nightkilled Night 1. We lynched a town whose reads were whacked Day 1 but the following two days were fairly simply due to scum getting counterclaimed and then tracker guiltied.

Newbie 1946 (Vanilla Townie, Endgamed, Defeated Day 3): Pretty poor showing by me, I tried to play passively, it didn't work. Scum bring afk Day 2 really killed town's chances.

Win-Loss Ratio: T 4-3

Central Park

Open 654: Two-Fold Matrix6 (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 1, Defeated Day 5): Town did terrible at scumhunting and all scum deaths were nightkills.

Open 657: JK9++ (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 1, Defeated Day 4): Town made some questionable decisions when it came to clearing people.

Open 658: Making Friends And Enemies (Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 1, Victorious Day 5): Played erratically when I was in, and people though there was scum on my wagon, leading to a easy win for my buddies.

Open 660: White Flag (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 5): Scum managed to survive by being really loud IMO. ADDENDUM: After having looked back on this game for meta reference for Team Mafia over and over, I would like to amend my believed reason for the scum win. They actually did really well at distancing and deserve credit for it. I will state that the loudness probably did still play a part.

Open 661: Pick Your Poison (Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 5): Wasn't able to put full effort in here, and got lynched because of that. I was also the smartest guy on my scumteam for thinking of killing the obvious investigative target rather than the one shot cop fakeclaimer.

Open 662: Fire and Ice (Vanilla Townie, Frozen Night 3, Defeated Night 5): I feel I was a non entity this game tbh and was only killed because I was probtown.

Open 663: Stack the Deck (Town Goon Cop, Killed Night 2, Victorious Day 4): Town was fairly good at scumhunting this game.

Open 664: Tit for Tat (Vanilla Townie, Vigged Night 3, Defeated Day 4): One of two games that I hydra'd with Secret Agent Jin for. In both games he let the hydra go inactive when I was gone, resulting in our deaths and eventually our loss.

Open 667: Desperation Day (Compulsive Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 3, Defeated via Special Mechanic Day 3): Ended up scumming up in Day 3 by poorly executing a push.

Open 680: C9++ - RERUN (Mafia Roleblocker, Lynched Day 1, Victorious Day 5): Scumteam managed to somewhat effectively distance. I poorly executed a fakeclaim which actually helped my team long term by clarifying the setup.

Open 684: Stacking The Deck (Town Roleblocker, Killed Night 1, Defeated Day 5): Replaced into a doomed slot because I wanted to play with some friends from offsite, I was right on some mafia though so I guess I did well with what I had. Town was kinda a mess I feel.

Open 688: Diffusion of Power (Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 4, Victorious Day 5): Played powertown before replacing out, on replace back played more reserved while also distancing. Our team bussed tactically thanks to having RadiantCowbells on our side, and I was satisfied with my end. Probably one of my best played scum games.

Open 690: Kill All Townies (Vanilla Townie, Killed Night 2, Defeated Day 4): Managed to get killed for POSSIBLY being a Seer. Werewolves did pull off a good pocketing scheme however.

Open 691: Jungle Republic (Werewolf, Lynched Day 1, Mafia Win on Day 5): Didn't pull my weight but my team got rolled which was somewhat beyond my control. Mafia won handily, showing that this setup sucks.

Open 703: Masons and Mafia (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 2*): Techniically wasn't Day 2, it was a nightless game with weird kill mechanics where if mafia target a VT they die, town won off of these weird kill mechanics because scum were too gung-ho about shooting masons. I sorta just pushed things I guess.

Open 707: JK9++ (Mafia Goon, Shot and Lost Night 2, Town Win Day 3): Replaced into a scum slot that towned up too much and it was night, there was nothing I could do. I'm not counting this as a loss, more of a draw as I had no actual sway over the game.

Open 714: Tit For Tat (Town Jailkeeper, Survived, Victorious Day 5): Town was all over the place. On Day 1 all three scum ended up wagoned but a townie got lynched for being scummy while trying to fakesoft PR. Vig shot scum Night 1, Day 2 we lynched Jay because he fakeclaimed Jailkeeper and I CCed him. Night 2 town vig took a hero shot and hit town instead of the pre-decided scum shot, throwing the game into MyLo where we mislynched but I managed to correctly guess which oof the remaining scum would do the kill, and that person got lynch Day 4. Scum tried to frame Mathdino with a no kill but I stuck to my guns and lynched mutantdevle for the win.

Open 716: Making Friends and Enemies (Vanilla Townie, Lynch Day 2, Victorious Day 6): Game devolved into lynching off the wagon of a recruited mason by day 2, not necessarily bad but kinda dull. I ended up lynched after Mathdino reacted to me realizing I'd been fakehammered with utter certainty I was scum. Fortunately town was rather decent at keeping their eyes on the prize.

Open 717: C9++ (Vanilla Townie, Killed Night 3, Victorious Day 6): Ended up getting pocketed by Hoopla early. Judge Joseph Dredd played really stupid, hammering Sesq whom I'd declared off-limits as lynchbait town, then faking a guilty to avoid a lynch, all the while passing the buck with talk of town being bad for running him up. It was nearly lost for town until UglyDuck pulled off a good fake cop guilty as cop, declaring a guilty on his godfather read while also having a real guilty in his pocket. This led to a chain collapse of the scum team at the very end.

Winn-Loss Ratio: T 3-9, S 3-3-1

Mayfair Club

Micro 643: Desperation Day (Compulsive Mafia Goon, Survived, Victorious Day 4): Carefully manipulated the town by acting on others reads starting Day 2.

Micro 647 - True Love (Town Lover, Survived, Victorious Day 2): Killed the lovers of the scum both Days, resulting in an imperfect perfect victory.

Micro 656: Dem Tryouts 4 (Town 1-shot Bulletproof, Endgamed, Defeated Day 3): Town messed up the theory behind the setup a bit and ended up making some bad choices, like NLing Day 1 and eliminating an entire team before finding either of the other team.

Micro 650: Maze 2: Mislead the Way (Maze Engineer, Trapped Evening 2, Defeated Evening 5): Came in at the end and failed to spot the last scum with my fresh perspective.

Micro 660: Triplicate Mafia (Vanilla Townie, Endgamed, Defeated Day 2): The all-town group tunneled on each other all game, providing cover for the scum.

Micro 664: Walking Dead S2E1 (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 4, Defeated Day 4): Town played poorly, with BBT specifically being a blundering fool. The situation was not helped by a Hated Townie whose modifier wouldn't go away in LyLo. It would have been a liability to keep alive in certain cases.

Micro 665: Autumn Masquerade (Mafia Lady, Lynched Day 1, Defeated Day 2): My worst scumgame ever. I couldn't mislead the town at all.

Micro 666: Dem Tryouts 5 (Mafia A Goon, Survived?, Drawn Day 5): Scumclaimed in the thread after coasting close to victory, but still survived to kingmaker where the townie took the L.

Micro 669: Procrastination Mafia (Mafia JOAT (Rolecop Strongman Neighborizer), Lynched Day 4, Defeated Day 4): Did not have time to play and my play suffered.

Micro 696: Another Mafia (Town Passive One-Shot Commuter, Governer-lynched Day 2, Victorious Day 4): Gigabyte non-stop tunneled me this game for *reasons*. I feel that was not deserved.

Micro 699: Fire Emblem Birthright Mafia (Town Townkill Immune, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 4): IMO the setup was designed without balance in mind resulting in disbelief at what the setup was.

Micro 703: Speech (Town Breadcrumber, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 5): Three people were done in by Transcend not caring, including me. That also lost the game. I still played the role well and actually managed to land a kill on someone with the unique gameplay elements partially on accident.

Micro 704: Walking Dead S2E2 (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 5): Replaced in and barely did anything, but I managed to make a decent call on team possibilities day 4 and on day 5 the near conf townie decided to trust the townie killed the last night for the win.

Micro 706: Restrictive Mafia (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 3): Game was scumsided, if you want specifics read the game, it's really short.

Micro 711: VJK (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 3): Played fairly well, managed to scumhunt alright in the late stages, but due to calling myself "conftown" due to a mafia trying to get a modkill on me I got lynched.

Micro 717: With blood and sword uPick (Town Death-Triggered-Evolving Visit-Weak Location-Specific-Commuter, Survived, Victorious Day 4): Role was crazy but I managed to live against the odds, got into a 1v1 with Vedith and managed to succeed, then followed that victory up with beating out drealmerz7 in LyLo.

Micro 718: Roleblocker6 (Mafia Goon, Lynched Day 1, Defeated Day 2): Played fairly poorly and failed to provide cover for my teammate. Did feel I saved myself at one point however.

Micro 722: Limited-Time Offer (Vanilla Townie Neighbor with Ircher and Sobolev Space, Survived, Victorious Day 2): Setup was townsided overall, replaced in when the game was all but won, but had fun.

Micro 733: What a Grand Idea! (Town Idiot, Killed Night 1, Defeated Day 2): Was killed for being good at catching a scum that had pocketed me that game. Game was unbalanced but still a thrill.

Micro 764: Marked For Death (Vanilla Town, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 3): Mediocre performance, identified a scum somewhat early but let them go after a while, and the other fakeclaimed named townie to endgame.

Micro 771: Lucky2U's Lucky Upick Lolapallooza (Town Reflexive Rolecop, Survived, Victorious Day 17): Replaced into essentially autowin. All I did was pres for information essentially.

Micro 774: UPick their Poisons (Town Mostly-Compulsive-Commuter One-Shot-Vig, Died Night 4, Lost Night 4): Weird game, mafia got crumbled Night 1 thanks to a funky 3P role, and town ended up losing when I tried to kill the last scum and died instead.

Micro 778: Be Yourself (Town Novice or Night One Tracker, Lynched Day 3, Lost Day 4): Self-hammered because I got pocketed by the scum, then Mathdino gladiated the last town in 3P LyLo. Horrible play from most of us.

New York

Mini Normal 1830 (Vanilla Townie, Endgamed, Defeated Day 4): Scum did a really good job distancing, though on retrospect it seems we forgot an important slip.

Mini Normal 1832 (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 5): Town fell apart and never suspected the final scum until it was too late.

Mini Normal 1838 (Town Cop, Nightkilled Night 2, Victorious Day 6): Town PoEd most of the players then used interactions to catch the last scum in 3p LyLo.

Mini Normal 1841 (Town Watcher, Nightkilled Night 3, Defeated Day 5): Scumteam did a really good job distancing this game.

Mini Normal 1850 (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 3): Some of my reads were quite on point this game, specifically me suspecting Maria Day 1 and ErrantParabola Day 2. Also, kraska77 deserves credit for vigging the two scum mentioned earlier.

Mini 1854 (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 5): Played quite poorly IMO. I'm fairly certain I was responsible for the reveal of 3 town power roles Day 1.

Mini Normal 1860 (Town Vigilante, Survived, Victorious Night 4): Played a bit poorly in the beginning, but really shined in the end, managing to secure the lynch on Gerryoat in time and then shooting Cloudkicker that night for the win.

Mini Normal 1862 (Town Ascetic Enabler, Survived, Victorious Day 5): The setup seems strange but the roles work well together. I ended up claiming Day 1 after trying to fish for Ascetic claims when the only Ascetic was mafia aligned.

Mini Normal 1870 (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 4): I was total dead weight this game but was never lynched. I do not deserve this win.

Mini Normal 1893 (Vanilla Townie, Endgamed, Defeated Night 6): Had decent reads but a town lurker made lynching the mafia impossible.

Mini Normal 1905 (Vanilla Townie, Nightkilled Night 2, Defeated Day 4): Scum distanced perfectly here. The votes on WhyMafia at the end were terrible since he was the first to case the flipped scum. This was my first time being Night killed for being towny and not for my role or anything!

Mini Normal 1808 (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 5, Defeated Day 5): A mod error brought the game down but the game was taken by an unchallenged fakeclaim.

Mini Normal 1811 (Mafia One-Shot Bulletproof, Lynch Day 3, Victorious Day 4): My lynch was fairly unnecessary but helped eke out the win. Played fairly solid imo.

Mini Normal 1923 (Town Odd-Night Loyal Cop, Survived, Victorious Day 4): Replaced into a partially claimed PR, managed to get lucky with the role, as well as sorta counterclaiming a mafia thanks to balance basics. I also gave my FIRST EVER falsified investigative report, a fake innocent on a slot that was townread before replacement happened but slid after, because the initial claim left out the odd night modifier. I also got to verify someone else's PR claim with that modifier. BTW props to Mulch for being a phenomenal scumhunter this game. FANTASTIC game for me personally and for town overall.

Mini Normal 1934 (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 6, Defeated Day 6): Replaced in to play with longtime pal Grendel and he managed to play to his towngame pretty well as scum. I tunneled Korts correctly for a while, got into a bad place with Mathblade tunneling me, survived the next few days with MathBlade slowing his tunnel, then he somehow cranked back up in LyLo. Town MVP has to be massive for nailing every mafia in some way.

Mini Normal 1985 (Town Neighborizer, Endgamed, Defeated Day 6): Got pocketed by Flavor Leaf, my Night one Neighborizer target. Ended up lynching a Miller because I didn't know it was explicitly a town role. Horribly played by me.

Mini Normal 1996 (Town Doctor, Survived, Victorious Day 5): Town got lucky lynching the mafia strongman d1, then kinda got lost lynching a commuter claim, myself included. We then sorta corrected course in the next couple days, lynching one scum off a borked claim and getting the last one off of action coordination. I barely did anything with my role but felt okay with how I used it.

Large Normal 198 (Vanilla Townie, Survived, Victorious Day 3): The mafia really had no chance. The first one was lynched fairly quickly on somewhat solid logic and the other two got hit with guilties.

Large Normal 199 (Vanilla Townie, Lynched Day 3, Defeated Day 8): A couple things. First, very angry with Alisae for shooting in my town pool after I explicitly said not to, also wish Aj had been less lynchbait but I guess that's how he is.

Large Normal 210 (Mafia Goon, Lynch Day 1, Game Compromised Day 2): Got lynched after a horrible hedged PR claim went belly-up. Transcend ended up posting his PM and getting the game cancelled.

Large Normal 211 (Town Neighbor, Survived, Victorious Night 3): Game was a complete stomp for town, lynching scum all 3 day phases, and vigging scum 2/3 times. Being in the neighborhood was a fun experience, especially with Flavor Leaf there making it a meme follow-up to mini 1985 and large 203. He was town this time though.

Large Normal 213 (Mafia Backup Vanilla Cop, Lynched Day 6, Defeated Day 9): First thing I will say is I WAS TRICKED INTO THIS GAME BY IRCHER SAYING IT WOULD ONLY TAKE A MONTH. I played pretty badly, but made a few critical saves that increased my lifespan. I think both me and Golden Robster did well to make it as far as we did, but Krazy nailed the Scumteam big-time, though post-game info from his personal PT lessened the blow the loss dealt. Will say that a 4 man Scumteam in a 25p game gets easily crippled by an inactive member.

Large Normal 214 (Town Detective, Killed Night 3, Victorious Day 5): This game was given to town by the SK. RIP the worst. Town played alright in both day and night play, using night actions to corner scum, and wagoning scum fairly often I think, despite not lynch them much.

Large Normal 215 (Vanilla Townie, Endgamed, Defeated Night 3): Even though I was apparently townread widely I feel I was low impact. Scum did well I guess.

Theme Park

Large Theme Death Note Mafia (Town BP/DNP/Misa Bodyguard (Rem), Guardkilled-by-SK Night 2, Defeated Night 7): Town fought hard for the win then gave the outted SK a free pass to win.

The Thing Mafia (Town Quarantiner (MacReady), Lynched Day 3, Defeated Night 10): Made a critical mistake in night action that catalyzed my mislynch. The final scum was near completely unsuspected, only really being suspected by me until the town leader Spiffeh gave so much blowback I backed off.

Ttyll Mafia (Mason, Killed Night 3, Lost Day 4?): Game was ended prematurely. Scum executed a tangled gambit that worked due to a town player not knowing how their role worked.

New Year's Eve Masquerade (Town Gentleman, Force-exited part 1 of Day 1, Defeated part 3 of Day 2): In an echo of the True Love game I played, I scumread the lovers of the scum. The entire first dance was a total shitshow, with both "lynches" force-exiting stupidly.

WWE Mafia - Smackdown (Town Game Thread Switcher, Lynched Day 1, Defeated Day 3): I feel this game was very scumsided due to the special moves.

Code Geass Mafia (Mafia Disguiser, Lynched Day 2, Defeated Day 7): One of two games that I hydra'd with Secret Agent Jin for. In both games he let the hydra go inactive when I was gone, resulting in our deaths and eventually our loss.

Utopia everHope Mafia (Mafia Neighbor, Lynched Day 5, Defeated Day 6): Entered into a somewhat lost slot, tried to make it work and probably made it worse.

Divergent Series Mafia (Vanilla Townie (Uriah Pedrad), Survived, Victorious Day 6): Town was almost perfect for lynches. Day 4 was kind of a bust since there was no time to get actual scum I believe. I ended up lynching the last mafia believing he was SK. The next day the SK killed a likely ML and ended up losing.

WWF Royal Rumble (Mafia Lyncher (Hulk Hogan), Lynched and Defeated Day 2, Game Over Day 12?): Decided to claim lyncher, which was tantamount to suicide.

Amnesiac Mafia (the second) (Town Amnesiac, Killed Night 2, Defeated Night 6): Game was multiball with a faction that could win by tying which kinda sucked. I had caught a fakeclaimer in a lie who got defended by a town to the point he was unpushable which ALSO sucked, all because the town didn't think mafia could have fakeclaims.

Valentine's Dance (Town Lady, Force-exited part 2 of Day 1, Victorious part 3 of Day 2): This was succinctly stated as a gamethrowing contest. Maki + Dunn and chesskid + Ellibereth threw by pairing together, Alisae and Harambey threw by leaving prematurely, and Kagami threw by bussing.

Anything UPick? (Town Strong-Willed Compulsive Bodyguard Conditional Gladiator, Lynch Day 3, Victorious Night 5): Town rolled scum early then fell off the scent due to the last two pocketing hardcore. Yume the restricted vig managed to shoot the first one and by continuing to use their power they forced the last scum to take their death for them. I had actually counterclaimed the last scum before they were the last but Yume had accidentally hammered me before I could make use of my CC.

Grand Idea Mafia Overdrive (TOWN SOME ROLE, UMMMMMMM?, DEFEATED DAY 2): Game was a complete mess. Read mod ISO for details I guess.

Just Play the Hits Upick

Rocky Horror Picture Show drealmerz is a bad mod confirmed, calling everyone bad for wanting to call a game over that he wasn’t dedicating his time to. I had trouble using my role to any effect thanks to the janky mechanics of the setup. I managed to nail a scum though, which was nice. Didn’t get to do shit about because again, lol setup.

Touhou Ucanpick 5

Sid Meyer's Civ 5 Upick (Town JOAT, Survived, Victorious Day 5)

Transformers Mafia

Lynch The Wolves

Heroes Wanted

Win-Loss Ratio: T 4-8, M 0-2, 3P/O 0-1