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Flea The Magician

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Male... Female... What's the difference? Power is beautiful and I've got the power!!


I'm old, Autistic, and have ADHD, Borderline Personality Disorder, Fibromyalgia, OSDD(Median System), CPTSD; and I thought stream my posts. I say what I'm thinking with little thought usually. Add in my meds change frequently and often make me stoned, well... have fun :P

If you're looking for games I've run or are planning to run, you want my LavosCore account and page.

Other Accounts

Mad Hatters Tea Party - Alt Account

Celestial Powerhouse - Hydra of Me, Momrangal and Noraa. I am the Hades head.

Fairy Circle - Hydra of me and Momrangal, I'm Malefleacent.

Mystic Bears - Hydra of me of Noraa

Ongoing Games

Game Name Mod Template filler area

Completed Games

Quick Stats

Alignment Played Won ELO/EG
Total 43 23 (53.5%) 18 (41.9%)
Pro-Town 33 (76.7%) 19 (57.6%) 13 (39.4%)
Factional Anti-Town 8 (18.6%) 3 (37.5%) 4 (50.0%)
Unaligned 2 (4.7%) 1 (50.0%) 1 (50.0%)
This is a total of all games played across all accounts, including alts and hydras.
Alt Games - 4; Hydra Games 2.


T/S/3 Game Modded By Role Fate Result
1 Town Newbie 2034: Space II Plotinus Vanilla Townie Eliminated ELO Loss
2 Town Death Curse Hectic Vanilla Townie Scrolled D4 Win
3 Scum Mini Theme - Silent Star 3: Royalty Hectic Assassin (Goon) Eliminated D3 Loss
4 Town Micro 982 - The Council: Student Council Edition Kanna Honour Student [VT] Killed N1 Win
5 Town Micro 989 - Never Trust Trees JacksonVirgo Vanilla Townie Endgamed Loss
6 Scum Among Us TheStatusQuo Airlock Operator Eliminated D3 Loss
7 Town Micro ??? - Yellowstone Park Nero Cain Picnic Basket Giver Spiked on PGO Loss
8 Town BooneyToonz XV BooneyToonz Dreaming God Eliminated D1 Loss
9 Town Mini Normal 2190 - Baby Animals MiniMegabyte VT Replaced in D1, Eliminated D4 Loss
10 Town DBZ: Cell Games Perfect Cell (unwnd) Future Trunks - Timeline Manipulator (Doc, Nominated Night Doc) NK'd D4 Win
11 Town Micro 994 - Brass and Shrapnel GeorgeBailey SuperSaint Killed N2 Win
12 Town Micro 998 - Binding of Isaac Not Chara  ??? [Blue Baby] Eliminated D2 Win
13 Town Micro 999 - Underage Gun Control Lendunistus Vanilla Town Eliminated ELO Loss
14 Town Mini Theme 2194 - Draft Mafia Gypyx Townown 1Shot Ninja Godfather Eliminated D2 Win
15 Town TemporalLich's Grand Idea Mafia TownemporalLich Compulsive Jack of All Trades

(Cop, Govern, Guard, Nothing)

NK'd N3 Win
16 Town Raw, Unfiltered, UPick Gamma Emerald



1-shot Night Skipper

Survived o.o Win
17 Town Mini Noramal 2197 - Noraaland Noraa Vanilla Town Eliminated D2 Loss
18 Town NM MN 2196 Not_Mafia Vanilla Town Survived Win
19 Scum Micro 1004 - Burdened By Secrecy Jingle Vanya Hargreeves Survived! WON!
20 Scum Electoral College Mafia schadd_ Mafia Neighbour Survived! Win!
21 Town Micro 1008 - Burdened By Secrecy Mafia Maruchan Five Hargreeves

Vanilla Town

Eliminated Win
22 Town Open 809 - Charge Me Up! Raya Vanilla Town NK'd N4 Win
24 Town Micro 1005 - Help Isis, scholarship student at Noon Isis Pixel Mystical Forest Pixie, Alraune


Endgamed Lose
25 Scum Mini Theme 2203 - Grand Idea uPick Ircher Even-Odd Doctor Gullotina'd N6 Lost
26 Neutral Mini Theme 2210 - Deck of Astral Roles Mafia Temporal Lich Fulfiller Lumberjack NK'd N1 Lose
27 Scum Mini Theme 2212 - Irchers Grand Idea Mafia Maruchan 2-shot Strongman Vigilante Eliminated D1 Win
28 Town Happy Face Mafia MariaR Rika Honjo Endgamed Lose
29 Scum Yggdrsil unwnd Harbinger Eliminated Stratum 5 Lose
30 Scum Dogs VS Cats Mafia Thestatusquo Dog Mafia Goon Endgamed by Rat Mafia Lose
31 Cult Open 814: CultD3 Korina Town Tracker

Cult Goon

Recruited N1


32 Town Mini Theme 2219: Battle for Calculasia Ircher Euler's Method (VT) Eliminated D1 Loss
33 Town Mini Theme 2217: Owners Market Gypyx Vanilla Town Shot N1 Win
34 Town Not Quite Normal Multiball Cephrir Mason 2 shot Vigilante Survived Win
35 Town Open Market Mafia Murdercat VT Eliminated D1 Win!
36 Town Silent Star 4: Yin and Yang Hectic VT "Eliminated" ELO Win
37 Town Open 825 - PYP X/Y HoS_S Datisi VT

(Selected Vengeful)

Self-Hammer D4 Win

38 Town Open 834: White Flag Cyrus92 VT Dismissed N4 Loss
39 Town DoAR II: XU TemporalLich Town Role Cop Deleted N2 Win

Best Bits

I feel like if I had to explain why I townread Flea I would be profoundly embarrassed yet feel I had not right to be embarrassed, like a parent who is asked about their favorite piece of art in all the world, and has to pull a sheet of paper covered in glitter, stickers, and fingerpaint off the front of the fridge because anything else would be dishonest
- Isis in Silent Star 3
[Flea] is usually pretty high effort as scum. I've seen openwolfing, I've seen deepwolfing...
- MorningTweet (I think) in Burden of Secrecy 2

Blacklisted Users

User In game Reason Post in question
Battle Mage DBZ Cell Games Transphobia Post #1813
dsjstr TemporalLich's Grand Idea Mafia Belittling Mental Health & Transphobia Post #2577-8

Post #2589 Post #2593 Post #2640-1,3-4

Mozamies Redacted Transphobia - Persistent disrespect of pronouns. Redacted