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Modding alt of Flea The Magician.

My Ruleset

Upcoming Games

Chrono Trigger Chronicals

This is a series of games I plan to take through almost ALL of the game. While I plan to try and keep these balanced there may be some bias towards a particular side. They're designed with shenanigans and fun in mind as well as the occasional "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK FLEA" mechanic. :P

The Flea the Magician fight will be especially screwy :P

Setups will be revealed post game and gain their own lil wiki page.

Main page for Chrono Trigger Mafia

Wonders of Underland

Some weird ass theme and shenanigans ideas I've had.

Dungeons and Dragons: The Rise and Fall of the Lich King

A Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign AS A MAFIA GAME!?

What madness is this!?

This kind of semi-open madness - balance not guaranteed

Open Games

Finished Games

Game Result
Open 818: DayvigDeactivators Town Win


These people can join with permission.

Username Reason
tih b Game flake.


These people are NOT WELCOME in my games, and my reasoning is provided. If I don't tolerate something in meatworld, you're damn right I ain't tolerating it online. You are welcome to challenge these, and I may give you a pass for a game at my discretion.

Username Reason
Battle Mage Transphobia while angry
Mozamies Continued transphobia, victim blaming and disrespectful behaviour
Dsjstr Belittling of mental health conditions.