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Fferyllt/Post-Hiatus Games

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Games played after May 2017


Newbie 1803

Modded by Role Entry Status Outcome
Bins Mafia Goon Replaced in on Day 2 Survived Mafia win
This was my second game back after hiatus and my first scum game since the BSG game in 2015. It was OK. Not my strongest scumplay, but I felt relaxed and comfortable with it. All of the players still in the game were enjoyable to play with, and without the need to sort them I could enjoy playing with them a lot more. I hope I can keep this calm, Zen feel about getting a red role PM.

Newbie 1824 Wishes

Modded by Role Entry Status Outcome
Xalxe Vanilla Townie Replaced in on Day 2 Died Night 3 Mafia win
I joined this game because it was a chance to play again with talah. It was a good player list and I thoroughly enjoyed AcidPhoenix even though he was scum. In retrospect, Geoni's odd approach to discrediting me should have flashed more warning signs. I thought he was scum in my initial readthrough, and changed my mind. I don't think I would have identified acidphoenix as scum even if I'd gotten geoni right long-term.


Micro 719 - For Us as Morph the Cat with Cabd

Modded by Role Entry Status Outcome
Alisae Town self-watcher, modified Neighborizer, Flavor-cop Started Survived Town Win
This was my first game back after hiatus. Lots of old friends playing, which was why we wanted to snipe an /in. It was a hydra-only game which could have meant total mayhem, but didn't. It would have been a terrifying player list to be scum in. As town, I was hesitant and unsure of my ability to obvtown. I did ok. Decided GiF was town on page 6. Had a little trouble getting eye-to-eye with Nacho-Tammy and with Andrius but managed. Was able to develop town reads on Jaestina and Scott and Ramona (LUV and Chickadee). By mid-day 1 we had both scum in our scumpile. Perfect town win. Even the night game was perfect with the last scum being blocked by 2 different players. I know there will be tough, tough games ahead. This one was confidence-boosting.

We had 2 neighborhoods, and scum were in both. We cleared the 3p neighborhood just in time for GiF to join us for Night 1. His role was such a troll.


Mini Normal

Mini Themed

Mini 1932: Dedede Fusion Collab as Morph the Cat with Cabd

Modded by Role Entry Status Outcome
ErrantParabola Modified Doctor Started Dead Night 3 Mafia Win
Game pretty much cratered on Day 1. Our reads weren't terrible, but we didn't get scum eliminated. Cabd had our vote on scum on Day 2 and I moved it. Sigh

Mini 1947: Board Game uPick: The Expansion! as Morph the Cat with Cabd

Modded by Role Entry Status Outcome
The Betting Pool (penguin_alien and Lucky2u) Town Nightkill Predicting Vigilante, with a Death Predicting Expansion! Started Survived Town Win
This was a rematch of sorts. Morph played in the first Boardgame uPick. Town won, but we were miseliminated so it was a bittersweet game. This time we controlled our own destiny to a much greater degree. Cabd developed an incredibly strong scumread of Mad King Ashnard, and I agreed. Cabd wanted to try an elaborate fake guilty on day 1 and I agreed for many reasons, not least of which was the debacle of our previous game (see above). Gambit worked, though we picked up a lot of suspicion about bussing MKA (which was hilariously off track). Town PRs did their job, 2nd scum was trapped in a bad fake claim during mass claim. Final scum conceded on Night 3. Bittersweet win for ~reasons~, but I was really happy our reads came together this time.

Mini 1947: Mini 1939 - Organization XIII as Xemnas

Modded by Role Entry Status Outcome
Heartlessl (Antihero and TellTaleHeart) Macho Innocent Child Replaced in on Day 2 Died Night 3 Town Win
This was my first time playing a Heartless game, an Antihero game, and a TellTaleHeart game. Recommend; would play again. I replaced into a slot that had been great at roleplay, but hadn't contributed much as town. My reads weren't perfect by any means, but I ended both days I was in the game with my vote on scum, and on my final day, I also called out the third scum (Roxas/Mastina). I recognized a few players, didn't recognize Nacho's alt, but when I learned who he was it made sense. Although I got some flack from a couple players, the scum team decided to kill me sooner than would have been optimal in terms of eliminating town PR threats because I was a day-play threat. Higher praise is hard to come by IMO. The number of replacements were discouraging, and I contributed directly to one town player replacing out which makes me a little sad, though he was elim-bait and the slot became a powerhouse with the replacement (Cephrir). Secret alts are interesting, and mod-designed secret alts can be a challenge to differentiate if the names are nonsense to you and the avatars are all similar in style. The really nice thing about this game was seeing how my play is viewed when my name isn't attached to it. Scum respected my play mostly, and some town players didn't. The lack of respect by town for an Inno Child, though is something I've seen in other games. It's an interesting dynamic. I think expectations tend to be high of a confirmed town player.

Large Normal

Large Themed

Maplewood Village

Modded by Role Entry Status Outcome
drealmerz Tory Jenkens, Animal Doctor Started Survived Town and 3rd Party win
Great player list. The game had 3 3rd party roles who had day and/or night kills. The scum team was down to 1 at the start of day 2. There were a lot of hidden mechanics in the game, and the players didn't figure out some of the key things going on. My play was decent. I correctly townread Cabd and scumread Desperado. I had chesskid as mid-tier town, and he was a werewolf. I protected the player that the scum team tried to kill on night 1, but she didn't need my help. Most of the kills in the game would not have been stopped by my protect, but I had no idea of that and just tried to play like a doctor. I gambited before night 2, claiming to maybe be a fruitvender and maybe a superdoctor who could protect multiple targets, including myself. I figured all the kills on night 1 would lend credence to the possibility of being overpowered, and mostly I just wanted to scare kills away from my townreads. It worked to some extent (Cabd wasn't targeted), even though the last werewolf (Cephrir) didn't believe my claim at all. Overall, the flavor was interesting, but the design was quite opaque. There was a night action scene of questionable taste to say the least, that caused quite a bit of stir in the postgame. I felt like the mod disrespected his players, and for that reason if no other, I will avoid his games in the future. I think he'll be happier with a different type of player list in his future games, anyway, so no harm, no foul.