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Plain Mafia

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Mini 1145 — Plain Mafia
Forum: Little Italy
Moderator(s): Fenhl backed up by Zodiark13
Status: Ongoing
Winner(s): no outcome yet

Plain Mafia is an ongoing Mini Normal game by Fenhl and Zodiark13.


Replacement List

This is a list of scummers who will be notified when a replacement is needed. To get on the list, just edit yourself on it.


Night 0

Klazam (Vanilla Townieis dead

Day 1

Vote counts: 0 1 2 3 4 5

DarthYoshi replaces lynchking

Vote count: 6

Meransiel replaces AMP

crazypianist1116 replaces Romanus

Vote counts: 7 8

inHimshallibe replaces Meransiel

Vote counts: 9 10

Quilford replaces Lucresia

Vote counts: 11 final

Trendall (Vanilla Townieis dead

Night 1

DarthYoshi (Vanilla Townieis dead

Pine (Town Trackeris dead

Day 2

Vote counts: 0 1 2 3 final

inHimshallibe (Mafia Goonis dead

Night 2

Erratus Apathos (Compulsive Town Doctoris dead

Day 3

Vote counts: 0 1 final

crazypianist1116 (Mafia Goonis dead

Night 3

Peabody (Vanilla Townieis dead

Day 4

Vote counts: 0